Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 9 -She's Back

Next day Jake's house
"What the heck is wrong with you Jake I've been calling you for the last five hours"says Tad "you're drunk he says shaking Jake
"What's matter Tad let me sleep!"says Jake
"What's the matter is I got a call from your wife... the wife I knew nothing about Carolyn who says you promised to come see your daughter to meet her and you didn't show up!""she thought you must have had an accident!"you have a daughter?Waht's going on Jake?"
"You made me a bigamist Tad!' complains Jake
"No you were the one who wanted to get married who didn't tell your brother you were all ready married so he could make sure you were officially divorced!"says Tad then realizing Amanda is gone he says"Aw hell she cut out on you didn't you explain it all?"
"she was gone when i got home I don't know how she knew it all that Carolyn was still my wife about Ruth and how I slept with Carolyn!I don't know why she didn't talk with me!"
"You slept with Carolyn what were you thinking ?"I thought you loved Amanda?"asks Tad
"I love them both!says Jake
"You can't love them both!"
"Can't I "says Jake defeated " but I do!"
"Do you want me to find Amanda and explain!"asks Tad
"No she'll be back and when she comes back I'll explain and she'll understand!
"Understand what little brother that you have another family that doesn't include her?"asks Tad
"It's not like that !"says Jake
"It is like that unless you go talk to her !"says Tad
"I can't I have to be here!"says Jake defeated
"I'll find her for you if you want!" says Tad offering again
"No if she wants me she has to come back!'says Jake
"I hope your not sorry !"says Tad
"I all ready am says Jake"let's go meet your neice !
"Not until you shower and change your clothes and brush your teeth !'says Tad pretending to be offended by Jake's odour.
A few minutes later Jake comes down the stairs freshly showered as Tad drives him to the hospital. Carolyn is outside the hospital and hers him into his daughters room.
"Daddy!" says the little girl recognizing him and holding out her arms
"She knows me !"says Jake with tears in his eyes thank you he mouths to Carolyn
"of course she does silly I showed you her picture every night and told her her Daddy loves her!says Carolyn
Jake is holding his daughter in his arms! when he is interrupted by a police officer who says
"Mr.Jake Martin?'
"Yes!"says Jake puzzled
" Can we speak to you outside please?
Jake gives his daughter to Carolyn goes outside her room and is promptly arrested
"You have the right to remain silent if you give up that right etc!" says the police officer as he slips on the cuffs
"Tad mouths to Tad who has stepped out with him "call me a lawyer!"
"What is the charge? Jake asks
"Bigamy sir !"says the police officer
"HAYWARD!" says Jake and Tad at the same time as thepolice officer takes Jake to jail!

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