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Part 9- End Game

Part 9-End Game -The Kidnapping
Emma gets into the car while the driver gets into the drivers seat she sips from the bottle of coke Alex had given her.She feels very tired and her eyes close briefly as she struggles to stay awake!Finally she gives in and goes to sleep! Alex driver takes Emma to a home and carries her into the home.He opens a bedroom puts her on the bed and then leaves locking the door from the outside!
Emma awakes looks at her watch and sees that it is now 10 am! But where is she this isn't her home?'The last thing she remebered was falling asleep in the limo where was she?She got up off the bed her beautiful designer dress wrinkled from sleeping in it.She loks around the room dazed there is dresser and a closet!She opens the closet and finds acomplete wardrobe hanging there all in her size.She looks in the dresser drawers and finds underwear,bras socks t-shirts and other clothes. She sees curtains over what she assumes to be window and goes to pullit back to find a wall.she runs to the door of the room and turns the knob!Nothing it won't turn it's locked from the outside!Emma is scared now and is wishing she had listened to Aaron instead of walking away and being nasty to him.What did they want with her?They were old people surely old people were safe old people didn't kidnap people! and yet her she wa kidnapped!
"Oh no if it was 10 am then it was the next day and Daddy now knew she had lied but it also meant Daddy would be looking for her!'"Emma thought But then she remembered how he didn't know Vanessa and Alex's names how she had lied and said it was Penny's mom's wedding!Except there was no Penny! How was Daddy to find her!'she wondered
"I'm coming in get away from the door and sit on the bed!' said the voice!
Emma obeyed scared!
'Here's your breakfast eggs scrambled toast and frootloops with a side of milk and orange juice!says the driver of the limo
"Why are you keeping me ?says Emma"I'm going home she says running for the door but he easily stops her grabbing her light frame with one arm!
"Breakfast is served my lady he says as he sets her back down on the bed and sets up a tray!
"I have to use the facillities !'says Emma
"here is your private bathroom he says sliding a panel and showing her a bathroom door she didn't know was there .She walks in and finds a lovely deep bathtub and a toilet and sink !Towels embroidered with Emma in gold are hanging from a rack!
She locks the door and uses the facillities then comes out to find him gone only her breakfast remains!She bangs with her fists on the door.then she looks up and sees in the corner of the room a tiny camera .She makes faces at it and then worries about one being in the windowless bathroom!she goes into the bathroom and checks everywhere finding no camera she relaxes for a moment in sheer relief! the she thinks "okay think Emma how can you get out of this fix!'I've I was have been so stupid I should have told Daddy where I was going and honestly who I was with but there were other people at the wedding surely they can tell the police I was there at the ballroom but who saw me get into the car?'Enough quit beating yourself up Emma and channel some of mommy!Mommy could get out of any locked space .hw many times did she scale balconies to get to me when I was younger?' Emma thinks but sees she can do nothing right now!Just then the door opens and it's Alex .
"I thought we were friends says Emma angrily "why have you done all this?'"I don't picture you as a dirty old man so what is this about?'
"My dear we are more than friends but I realize you don't know me all that well but I'm your grandfather.'says Alex
"I have two grandfather's and one of them is dead. The one who's living is deaf and buddy you are not him!'says Emma sarcasticly
"Witty my dear,that's what I like about you! You are of very good stock I admire your mother so much she is so devoted to you!Yuor father is a foolish man for throwing such a treasure away!"
"My father is not fooish he's a wonderful man and he's going to make you very very sorry!' says Emmagetting angrier"You're going to wish you'd never been born!'
"Ah I see your grandmother in you!Gail was awonderulf charming feist woman!Ahh how I loved that woman but that evil man got a hold on her!'
"My grandmother's name was Gail.Gail Curry Lavery!she was married to my grandfather Patrick Lavery!
" Her name was Gail Lavery not the awful Curry name that he foisted on her .That's how that man hid from me taking another name!'His name was Patrick Curry.At least then my son had her last name not his!
"I don't understnd what you're telling me !states Emma
"Simply put I loved Gail she slept with me and later I found out she was married to that worm Curry .I begged her to come with me but she couldn't get away from him.He beat her that's why I tried to get her away but and then he took them all away and took her name to hide from me! He ruined my son and then one day I met him my son.He was dressed i nleather and rode a motorcycle. I was ill and he helped me.He didn't even know me and he helped me and I saw his mother in him!I gave him my company and then my oldest boy came back and he got the company and then Ryan took it back.The two of them were acting like brothers fighting for my life's blood my company ! I enjoyed it ! But my oldest had to pay for hiding from me what kind of man pretends to be dead for 20 years and hides from his father! But that's neither here nor there my dear your my grandaughter!"
"I'm your grandaughter then why did you feel it necessary to kidnap me?'asks Emma humoring him thinking he is very deluded
"My dear your father believes all the wicked stories about me ! He wouldn't have let you spend time with me!"explains Alex"you are such a good daughter you'd not disobey him woud you?'
"Okay so I did lie to him to come to your wedding and I'm sorry so sue me!'says Emma
Alex lets out a loud laugh at this and says "Oh my dear you are a Cambias "he says very pleased
"we will get to know each other and in afew days fly off to Europe to my chalet where you will have a private tutor to make that talent you have of calulating sums to great sums in your head even more enhanced!""you must be groomed to take over Cambias as you are my true heir!'Alex says
"But you just got married won't Vanessa get your company if you die?' says Emma "she seems really nice and intelligent!'
flash to Vanessa who has just heard the Amber alert on tv
"Damn that man he's lied to me he must have the girl but where?'thinks Vanessa
"Just then the secret cellphone rings Vanessa slips into the bathroom and answers to find out it's David
"Mother Emma is missing!' Where has that Bas...tard taken her?'ask David angrily
"David language I don't know but I'll find out!'says Vanessa savagely
"Mother I think this has gone to far! Yuo have to do something!' whines David uncharacteristicly
"David we had this talk remember after Hong Kong on the plane!'
"Yes!' says David quietly and contritely
"I'll fix this says !"Vanessa and then she hangs up as bathroom as she sneaks out of the bathroom and disables a camera near Alex's locked office door!She opens he keypad and puts in Alex's birthdate the keypad reads
"Incorrect password "
Vanessa thinks and then enters Emma 's birthday "Bingo!' she says as the office door pops open!Vanessa enters dis-engages the camera and rewinds the camera feed! "Cheap,thank goodness he went on the cheap for his camera feed!' she says as she relaizes how easy it was !She searches his desk and finds another locked drawer with a coded locked .Vanessa tries Emma's birthdate again .No dice!She enters Ryan's birthday and is able to open the drawer!"surprising she comments.Vanessa finds papers realting to the house where Emma is being held and plane tickets fro two an adult and a child!And two passports in fake names! "Damn the man he was going to abandon me!' she swears "and after everything I've had to endure she says! Then she searches and finds codes and more documents and says "HAha ditch me huh got you big boy!"She takes out her phone and says as the person answers
"Floyd I have the proof and all the documents but we got big problems .He's taking Emma Lavery she at 345 Apple Street but he also plans on leaving the country with her!"
"His destination ,Switzerland .He believes there's no extradition there!"" You have to save that little girl Floyd."

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