Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 2-What's eating Aiden

Tad's house
"I'm sorry Aiden I can't believe it took me so long to figure out he wasn't you!"apologizes Tad
"Well at least you figured it out !No one else seemed to even notice that I was different and I thought they were my mates!"grumbles Aiden
"So "Abel" escaped from the hospital with Kendall and was shot."starts Tad trying to get Aiden to open up
"Yes and apparently was shot by Natalia .Abel told me geefully how Kendall tended him tenderly that she was so sweet so loving that he fell in love with her all over again!He had wated revenge before this !"
"Revenge because she and her sister had left him for dead,only his father had saved him!"
"what are you talking about Aiden?"asks Tad
"Abel wasn't his real name he was my brother but not my twin!"
"That makes no sense explain it to me !demands Tad
"I'm not proud of this Anna told me the truth .Alex Cambias Sr is my father!
"Say that again I think I'm hearing things "says Tad cleaning out his ear with his finger
"Alex and my mother Lindsay was involved with Alex !He thought she was dead and didn't know about me at first.Apparently when I came to Pine Valley I came on his radar.He looked into my background and kept an eye on me .He apparently has a file on me so said my brother! "
"your brother Abel?"asks Tad
"that's what he was calling himself but that wasn't his real name or face!"says Aiden
"then Zach has another brother?'says Tad
"yes me says Aiden misunderstanding
"no I mean the man who kidnapped you the guy that called himself Abel!"
" he's name wasn't Abel it was.........
Michael ,Michael Cambias !"
"Are you kidding me? Why am I just hearing about this now?" asks Tad
"The authorities hushed this up and then they spirited me away after you rescued Kendall and then me!"
"Where is he now?'Has Alex spirited him away?'asks Tad incredulously
"The feds have him under lock in key my former bossesnow my present once again, put some pressure on the people who shall not be named to keep him locked away for good!
"Good I never want to see that monster again!'says Tad
"Michael said Kendall was the one the one he wanted always for his wife but his evil brother Alex had stolen his bride and lied to her making her believe he was dead.Alex or Zach as he was now calling himself he said was working with that evil lesbian Bianca to keep Kendall with Alex! I was so glad Bianca was in France and I hoped and prayed she was safe!He was so cruel and awful about her sexuality!He kept insisting that she and Alex had conspired to keep his true love away from him .Alex Sr.had taken him away and left Kendall to Alex.He always seemed to pick Alex over Michael and now yet again! But Michael had gotten around him he had changed his face and even with this face Kendall sensed he was under there look how wonderful she had been to him!"I was terrified for Kendall when I heard this but I couldn't get free ! I tried so hard but only managed to throw out my shoulder and break my wrists! I knew i was dying and I couldn't do anything!"
"I'm sorry Aiden I should have figured it out sooner! I know I found him trying to Kendall and then I figured out where he was holding you! When we found you you were in pretty bad shape !They told me you weren't going to make it!said Tad choking up and then says "But I told him they didn't know you and that you were a tough Englishman who wasn't about to die in a foreign country"he jokes and winks
"thanks mate I appreciate that!'says Aiden joking back
"seriously though don't scare me like that again!It's not like Pine Vallley hospital where they let anyone in they woudn't let me even put my toes in unless I proved I was family!
I begged and plead to no avail they wouldn't even update me and it's only because I charmed a nurse that I learned that you'd be okay! Where did they spirit you away anyway?'
"To an secret hospital for agents and that's as much as I can tell you about that place Tad!"says Aiden in a whisper
"You saw I recovered I can do my job I helped you save Jenny and Paulina didn't I?I'm on loan actually to Adrian's people now!'
"how you pass the psyche test?"Did you charm her with your lovely British accent?"asks Tad putting on a falsetto voice with a British accent
"Not funny !'says Aiden "I'm fine!'
"Yes sure you're fine like I was fine after Madden died!says Tad fiercely
"You're over the line mate !'says Aiden angrily
"You were there for me let me be a good friend to you and be there for you !Krystal has the girls for the night there's beer in the fridge a soccer game on because I know how you Brits like your Footie!Chips and pizza on the way !What more could you want ?Sorry no dancing girls !
"Thanks Tad I think I'll stay and watch the footie!' he laughs Aiden seems to enjoy himself and Tad relaxes thinking all is now well with Aiden.
"Thanks again mate I check in with you the next time I'm in town" Aiden says also saying goodbye
Later that night it shows Aiden alone in his hotel room checking and re-checking his
gun counting the bullets then checking the side drawer before he goes to bed for more bullets,Then he gets up checks under the bed three times locks the door three times and checks the bathroom three times before shutting out the light .At once the light comes back on and Aiden looks frightened ! He tries to pass it off but he leaves the light on! He hears something we don't hear and pulls out his gun but there's no one there .Finally after much tossing and turning and flashbacks to his kidnapping it's morning!Aiden gets on his cellphone .He calls a number and we hear him say
"I need an apointment to see Dr. McGillis! The reason for the visit?he hestitates and then says Post Traumatic Stress Disorder!Yes I'm a former patient of hers! today at 3pm I'll be there he says and then he hangs up his cellphone takes his gun from under his pillow putting it away in his locked box along with the bullets he has just taken out of it!

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