Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 3 -She's back

David is sitting tied to a chair !
David racks his brains for someone's mother who would come after him all of sudden he gets really scared "Is she on the loose again could it be that Janet from another Planet has him?
""Is that you Janet he asks tentatively
"So you finally guessed did you Davy dear! You've been a very bad man I have had to listen to Adam for weeks as he listed all you've done to him!And then what do I hear by chance from some other patients not only did you hurt my honeybear Adam (whom you know I almost married ?) but I heard the evil you've done to my Mandy!My poor little Mandy she's such an innocent when it comes to men kind reminds me of her daddy Trevor he was a fool for a pretty face and it seems so is my Mandy!My poor poor Trevor!"
"Poor poor Trevor indeed didn't you make him into porkchops?" asks David
"You watch that potty mouth you don't know who your dealing with Demon Dave!"says Janet clearly annoyed "you've got a lot of explaining to do and apology making to do!"
After all you did Dastardly Dave you tricking my Mandy into sleeping with you by getting her drunk and then you offer her money to get JR drunk(well that wasn't so bad cause it kept him away from my Amanda so that could be forgiven but what you did next you ,had to do what was one of the worst things! Youjust had to play with my Amanda's emotions had to make my Mandy feel you'd steal her son my grandson from her arms!What court in their right mind would give you custody she should have come to her mother I would have fixed you!She didn't have to be so scared and that's what I don't forgive David !You scared Amanda what shouldn't have been joyous for her becoming a mother was a time of fear !says Janet anger creeping into her voice
"I loved Trevor and when you think about if I could do that to Trevor what should I do to you?You tormented my daughter you made her cry you took her baby you made her give up her husband (I always liked those Martin boys they have class!)the man she loved to come live with you! And now you've tricked her again into making her give you another child ? Janet starts counting to 20!
"Er Janet I'm sorry Janet what are you doing Janet?'asks David wondering what Janet is up and what she has planned!
"Sh I'm counting my shrink says when you get to the point you want to explode and make someone pay you should count to 20 and if that doesn't work 50 and then call the shrink if nothing is working .....but I don't feel like calling the shrink he'll just tell me "NO"and I'm tired of No!"
"Janet you really don't want to hurt me I'm the father of your grandchildren!'says David trying to convince her not to hurt him
"hmm relax David I haven't decided how to punish you yet but rest assured you will pay!"says Janet"You keep saying your the father but where's the proof David where's the DNA proof that your sweet little Trevor's daddy?"and as for the new baby I hope it's Jake's he is my son-in law!"Jake's a Martin a fine upstanding family man just the kind of man I'd have picked for my Mandy!
"I'm Trevor's dad!"says David and Amnda's pregnant with my other child so were family!"says David
"Family treats people with respect and loves you don't love my Amanda and you treat her like a street walker or babymaker!"
"No I don't Janet I love her (he lies )and Jake is such a playboy I knew he could never make her happy!"
"Davy Davy you're not talking to Amanda now I didn't just get hatched ".
"No just booby hatched!" says David under his breath
"What was that?asks Janet suspiciously then continues "I think marriage is the making of Martin boys they settle down and become fine husbands once they wear that wedding ring!'
"Are we talking about the same Martins?Tad even cheated on Dixie the love of his love!"says David and Jake didn't stay married to his wives before Amanda
"Only cause you were involved Davy you spoil everything I'd be doing Pine Valley a favor if I wasted you!Then they could move here to this new place Happy Valley and be Happy!!fadeout
Scene goes back to Greenlee and Leo wondering why they haven't be able to reach David
"I can't think why we can't reach David!"says Leo
"Something has to have happened to him says Green "he'd never not check in with the hospital or be out of touch for so long!'
"I've called P.V.Hospital they said his secretary had called in his replacement but David would never have let someone else do that David is what is known as a hands on guy!"says Leo hanging up his cellphone
"We were thought dead do you think .....?"
"Think what asks Leo that he's dead" he says gulping"No!"
"No that's not what I meant but if who I think has him he'll wish he was !"
"Are you talking about Mother ?She's dead if she wasn't I would have heard from her long before this!"says Leo
"Then who?asks Greenlee looking down the hall
"It can't be Adam he's drooling down the hall!'says Leo
'"That's not nice I feel sorry for Adam "says Greenlee laughing and playfully slapping Leo
"Who?'they both ask thinking about who would come after David
Just then a siren goes off in the Sanitorium .
Leo and Greenlee look at each other and simultaneously say"Janet ,Janet has him!"
"We have to find her Leo she'll want to kill him for what he's done to Amanda!"
"How do you know what he's done to Amanda?'asks Leo
"I've heard from Jack he told me he was disgusted with what David had done to her!"
"And just what has my brother done now?'asks Leo
"Well apparently!"begins Greenlee "he's the reason Adam is here.."..fade out as Greenlee continues to rattle off all that David has done in the last year

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