Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 8 -She's back

David comes home to Wildwind 2
"Honey 'I'm home" he jokes"Amanda where are you and Trevor?"
"Amanda?"he yells puzzled then picks up a note he finds it says as we can see David I'm sorry we'll back Love Amanda
"Martin I'll get you for this!'says David as he slams his front door and gets in his car
flash to Jake who is just getting home from the hospital and plays back his phone messages.
" This is Amanda,you now the wife you didn't really have the one you cheated on with your not so ex wife!You know the ex wife you apparently have a child with!That's okay if you don't remember you never have to remember again.goodbye Jake!
"What the hell did you do Martin?asks David hearing only that Amanda said" That's okay if you don't remember you don't ever have to remember again goodbye Jake!"
"Nothing!says Jake avoiding David's gaze
"You did something !"says David grabbing Jake's shoulder and shaking him"Where is she ?Where is my Amanda and my children?"
"Now it comes out my my my that's what you all about...!"says Jake
"What did you do you little worm !"says David shaking Jake
"I don't know how she found out I just found out myself a few hours ago!"says Jake stunned
"Found at what?"asks David angrily letting go of Jake
"Carolyn's back !"says Jake
"Your ex wife is back!""so" says David "so she's little jealous?"
" No it's more than that but how she knew.?.."says Jake puzzled
"What more Martin ?...she had your baby?"says David joking then seeing the look on Jake's face"Oh my she did... and Amanda knows you are in such deep trouble !"says David laughing
"It much worse than that my daughter is ill and I'm still married to Carolyn oh why am I even talking to you?"says Jake deeply anguished"Why am I telling you this she's gone he says reaching for a bottle of booze and gulping big gulps of it!
"I'm going to find her Martin and when I do she'll never be yours again !You didn't deserve such a treasure but I'm going to be worthy of her!"says David
"Who are you playing to David there's no audience here! "says Jake starting slur his words
David turns away from the camera he has figured out is there and smiles!"I'm off to find Amanda before she's Mrs.David Hayward and when I do it won't be long be see you later Jakey boy!" says David leaving
back to Janet who has seen the Jake and David encounter and heard what was said but has not seen David's devious smile!
"I think he'll be a great husband for my Amanda once I work out the bad in him" she says
"well maybe not all the bad"

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