Monday, December 28, 2009

Part 11-New Alliances and New Beginnings

Part 11-New Alliances and New Beginning
Amanda in a hospital bed with tubes and monitors.She stirs and slowly opens her eyes
“what ..... oh no my baby she says gripping her stomach.Are you okay baby?’ she asks heartbreakingly patting her stomach in vain
Melissa comes in and says “I’m sorry Amanda the baby is gone!”
“no no I killed my baby !’says Amanda
it wasn’t the fall that killed your baby! have you ever heard of Toxemia?’
“What my baby..... not my baby!’ not hearing anything in her misery and totally unconsolable crying
‘ this won‘t hurt to much !'says Melissa adminstering a sedative with a nurses help that she calls
Amanda is still rocking back and forth crying and slowly drifts off still mutttering baby in her sleep
“Nurse I want this patient monitored for awhile! Thoughts of suicide, a flux of hormones and a loss of a child can push some women over the edge!”says Melissa to the nurse"and I want to be paged when she awakens
“yes Doctor!”says the nurse and then as Melissa leaves she mutters she’s as arrogant as her father it must run in the family!’
T.J. waiting outside the room hears all and tries to think of something he can do for Amanda.He decides to send her flowers from a secret admirer.He goes to the florist and orders white and red begonias for remembrance .He includes a note that says”
I can never hope to understand your great loss ! “But remember you are not alone!’
T. J then goes to Dottie’s for breakfast!
‘Oh good your finally here!Pancakes are up the fruit is on the table with the syrup!I made sausages and bacon too it’s the keeper keeping warm!says Dottie from the kitchen!
“Mom !'T.J says with a mouth full of pancakes as Dottie sits down to eat
‘What Taddie?' asks Dottie .
“M om you know I hate when you call me Taddie !It’s T.J. remember !’I’m 30 years old you’d think you’d remember!’T.J. complains
‘Somethings up with my boy ! waht’s going on you look like something wonderful has happened and yet something bad!’says Dottie searching his face
‘ I met her Mom!T. J. says whistfully
“you met who? ask Dottie puzzled
‘the one the woman Mom!Remember when I was little and you said I would meet the woman who would turn my insides to jelly who I’d want to breath for?’says T.J.
“Well good then it’s about time when do I get to meet her this woman who has my T.J.’s heart?’ asks Dottie
“ that the problem mom she doesn’t know me!’
“I don’t understand your in love with a woman who doesn’t know you?’ have you lost your mind T.J. and become one of those people I’ve read about a stalker?’
“ I’ve just have become so tongur tied around her mom!’says T.J.
“my son who I’ve always thought takes after his father the Casonova of Pine Valley with the big heart he’s the one who can’t talk to the woman of his dreams? Have you said two words to her ?’asks Dottie
‘yes I said Hi to her at your coffee shop and I bought her a cappuchino when she couldn’t find the change!”
“you could have a had it for free it is my shop!’ says Dottie
“But if I did that then she thank you not me!’ says T.J.
“so have you asked her out’asks Dottie
“no but I saw her last night at the ball I went to the washroom after I saw her to wash my hands so they weren’t clammy and ask her to dance but when I came out of there she was lying on the stairs.She was hurt Mom!says T.J. obviously very upset his hands over his eyes
“is she going to be all right ?'asks Dottie
“I think so physically but Mom she was pregnant!’says T.j.quietly
“Oh T.J. !’says Dottie “then she’s taken!’
“It’s not like that mom! she’s been used by two different men! who treated her badly ! expalins T.J.
‘Is she married or living with someone ?’asks Dottie
“No she’s all alone! and she’s lost her baby!’T.J. says mournfully
“Well if she’s not taken I guess that’s not a hindrance but T.J the loss of a baby is!When I lost your brother it was only you and your father that made me want to live!’Dottie says remembering
“I’m sorry mom for making you remember!’says T.J. quietly
“Don’t Daryl lives on when we talk about and remember his beautiful smile and his quiet giggle when he was about to tease!’ I know that one day we’ll see my little boy once again in heaven with your father (well the man who raised you!’
“Daryl Sr was my father he was there for all my chidhood and beyond! !Mom you know I loved Daryl Jr. but is that a possibilty that my child could be special like him?asks T.J.
“Daryl Sr. side of the family apparently carried the gene for this but anyone can have a special child! And that’s exactly what they are special children loaned to you to love and teach as they teach you life is a lot more than you think!’answers Dottie fiercely
‘I love you mom says T.J. “Daryl couldn’t have had a better mom!Or a better life!’
“I love you too! says Dottie “ but you have a hard row against you this woman is grieving and she’s not thinking clearly go slow and make sure that you don’t hurt her worse !’says Dottie
“so what’s her name?’asks Dottie continuing
“Her name is Amanda Dillon!’ says T.J.
“Oh no Jake’s wife?’asks Dottie
“No! He has a wife and her name is Carolyn and apparently they have a child too!Amanda was never legally married to him!’
“but he’s your uncle!’says Dottie protesting
“He maybe my uncle but he treated the woman I love like tissue !If I have my way he’ll never ever hurt her again!’says T.J. angrily
‘ I hope you succeed T.J but I see a lot of heartache ahead for you and Amanda!’says Dottie shaking her head
“I know that nothing comes easy mother but she’s the one ! ‘says T.J. boldly
“I know what is is to love someone so much it hurts that you think your heart will bleed !I wish you more luck and that you win your hearts desire!’says Dottie giving in but hoping his heart won‘t break
“Thanks mom’says T.J.
“Now what can I do to help?’asks Dottie

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