Monday, December 7, 2009

Part 8-Old Friends Old Grudges

Tad's house
Tad is with Krystal having just heard the doorbell
"They are here does everything look all right" asks Tad then he yells Jenny ,Kathy they're here get down here!"and goes to answer the door.At the door is Angie and Jesse
Natalia and Brot,Frankie and Randi, Opal and Palmer,Jenny and Greg, Jaime and Paulina ,Dottie and T.J.,Brooke and Brad Hewitt(Dottie's cousin),JR and Marissa ,Melissa and Tim.Followed by Pete As Tad is ushering everyone in and being introduced to Brad Hewitt .
"Nice to meet you Brad and welcome any family of Dottie's and T.J.'s "he says
"Thanks for having me!'says Brad"I must say I had a few qualms about coming here I thought you treated Dottie badly but she has explained to me how she believes things were so I'm willing to let that go but treat my cousin right!
"Well you don't hold back any punches do you?" " the past was the past and I consider Dottie family so that makes you family !'says Tad holding out his hand which Brad shakes
Brad then asks "this is probably presumptious but given your speech would you mind if my son came to dinner too?"
"Sure there is more than enough food what's his name ?'says Tad the congenial host
"His name is Keiran he's about Paulina's age I think "says Brad pulling out his cellphone and calling Kieran who is apparently waiting in the car outside
"It's so nice to see you again Brooke I've missed you! Tad says kissing Brooke on the cheek
"It's nice to see you Tad but I believe I saw you the day before yesterday!' says Brooke a little annoyed with the way Tad was being so solicitous and careful with her
"We will talk later okay !'says Tad pointedly
"ooh can't wait!' says Brooke sarcasticly as Tad moves on from Brooke
"Jenny oh Jenny I'm so glad you and Greg and Paulina could come to dinner !I might even get to know my neice a little better !says Tad smiling "Oh Uncle Tad you've been over to Mom and Dad's house at least once a week since we moved to Happy Valley!"says Paulina
Just behind her is a very tall dark haired brown eyed man.He is in his early 30's and he is wearing a pin striped suit!
"Kieran Hewiitt"Kieran says introducing himself to Tad "I'm sorry about this Dad says he invited me at the last minute and imposed me on you !I really appreciate you accommodating me and Dad ! We're kind of new to town!"
"Have you met my son JR?' asks Tad "and his lovely wife Marissa?'"playing the congenial host again and then Tad moves on to Melissa and Tim
"Wow you did good Tim! "says Tad looking at Melissa and smiling "It's wonderful to see you again Tim!'
"You to Uncle Tad!'says Tim familiarly
The doorbell rings again .Tad is surprised and says he thought everyone was here that was coming!He opens the door to see a surprise on his doorstep.
"Surprise!' says Ruth"I hope you have enough food for two more souls!"as she and Joe step in
"Grandpa !'says Jenny throwing her arms around Joe
"Grandma!' says Kathy
"And is this T.J ?asks Ruth sitting down on the sofa "I 'm your grandmother your other one Opal is there we're your dad's mothers!'explains Ruth
"I heard you raised Dad when Opal couldn't and protected him from the evil man who was his biological father!"
"Yes well your Dad is my son in every sense !'says Ruth quietly
"I can see that !'says T.J. "And you share him with Opal?'
"Of course your Dad loves his mother can I do anything else?'
"I think Dad is very lucky!' says T.J.
"I think so too!'says Ruth and Tad at the same time both smiling at T.J.Then Tad looks around and says I'm very lucky come and eat everyone dinners ready!
They all sit down to dinner and coversation breaks out.Pete speaks first and says to Tad
" I've got to go after dinner I'm expected at my girlfriend's for dinner too!"
"You use to wolf down dinners that way too Tad!' says Ruth hearing Pete" Are you going to Liza's then dear ?'she asks
"No Colby is not my girlfriend !'says Petey explaining"she's just my friend! My girlfriend is Maddie Grey!'
"Really says Tad"I didn't know the Grey's were even living in town and now your dating Maddie? Isn't she a little young for you Pete?'asks Tad
"No!' he says blushing" she's eighteen not jail bait! Really Tad! he further says irritatated
"Sorry little brother just had to tease you !'says Tad smooth things over
"That's okay I guess says Pete then continuing he says"you'll really like Maddie ! She so smart and says all the right things at the right time!' he says with stars in his eyes
"Well if you like her that's good enough for me!" says Opal "She must be pretty special to mean that much to you!'
"She is Mom ,she is !' says Pete blushing once again as the conversation takes other turns with different people talking
Paulina and Kieran are sitting next to each other and talking up a storm.They seem really into each other!
Jesse is talking about his new job as Chief of Police in Happy Valley.Angie is talking about the flowers she received from her grateful patient!Natalia is talking about how she got a job with Happy Valley all on her won before her dad was chosen as chief and has just been promoted to Sgt., .Brot is also on the force and is a Luietenant because of his work in the forces!Frankie and Randi are happily talking about their baby that will soon arrive Jenny is smiling laughing constantly touching Greg's hand as if to reassure herself that he's still there.I have some really big news she says
"Greg and I are expecting a baby at Christmas!"
Everyone congratulates Jenny and Greg
"I have my old goat back says Opal holding up her wedding ring as everyone congratulates Opal and Palmer
"She's a handful!" says Palmer "but she finally married me again!"
"Oh you know I love you you old goat!"says Opal
"I love you too!"'says Palmer uncharacteristicly
"Wow she's really changed him !"says Tad quietly to Krystal"I think that's the first time I've ever heard him use the L word!"
"Leopards don't change their spots!'says Krystal whispering
"JR and I are so happy!' says Marissa we have my sister back and her husband Tim his old friend and our babies will be born soon !'"I'm so glad you got Jenny and T.J. and Dottie back in your life Tad!"
"Yes me too!' says Tad choking up
"I'm so glad you finally got to meet your son!"says Dottie
"Me too!' says Tad
"To Tad ,Dad !"says Jr "the maker of our feast!"getting everyone to toast Tad he with water.They all clang their glasses.
"I'm so thankful to be here "Jenny says to everyone"and T.J. I've caught some of your shows you're a real hard hitting journalist that story you did in corruption at City hall absolutely brilliiant "says Jenny
"Yes me too!" says Tad with a mouth full of food "Oh sorry!" he says as Krystal elbows him and says use your words!"
"You make me really proud!'says Tad looking at T.J.
"Thanks Aunt Jenny and Dad !'says T.J.
"I'm just so glad we're all here together !'says Ruth looking around the table at Tad flanked on either side by Dottie and Brooke .Beside Brooke is Jaime ,Kathy, Little Jenny, Krystal,followed around the table by Angie and Jesse ,Natalia and Brot,Frankie and Randi, Opal and Palmer,Petey,Jenny and Greg, Keiran and Paulina,beside Dottie is T.J.,Brad Hewitt(Dottie's cousin),JR and Marissa ,Melissa and Tim.. .which blends into Kieran once again as she looks around the table she smiles.
"Yes we're really lucky!'Joe and Ruth saying one thought "We have family and friends but truly among us here at Tad's "You are All My Children!

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