Thursday, December 10, 2009

Part 7-End Game

Part 7-End Game
The same day
Ryan gets home from work.
"Was someone here?' he asks seeing the two teacups and the teapot
"Yes actually Penny's mother was here!'says Emma covering
"Do I know her?" asks Ryan
"Sure you met her at the PTA meeting remember ?'says Emma lying"she came over to ask me a favor !'begins Emma tentatively
"What kind of a favor?" asks Ryan his eyes getting that wary look
"Well I'm not sure whether I want to do it or not but Penny's mom is getting remarried on Saturday and she wants Penny and I to be bridesmaids since it's kind of last minute?"
"Well it's up to you but that sounds nice to you need to buy a dress for this thing?'asks Ryan taking out his wallet
" No actually since Penny's mom is getting married so last minute she wondered if you'd allow her to buy a dress since most brides purchase the bridesmaids dresses"says Emma skillfully
" Oh I didn't know that !'says Ryan scratching his head " well I suppose you could except the gift in the manor it was intended you shouldn't be rude if you want to go"
"Oh I suppose I should Penny does want me to and as you said it probably would be rude!'
"Okay then that's settled!'says Ryan
" not quite Daddy I do have to stay over at Penny's Friday night but I'll be home on saturday night late after the wedding they promised to bring me home is that okay?'asks Emma
" Are you sure I know these people ?'asks Ryan
"Oh Daddy of course you know them would I be going to the wedding if you didn't!' asks Emma
"So you're going?'asks Ryan
"of course !'says Emma "Can I have my cellphone back? I just want to call Penny's mother her name is Vanessa ."following Vanessa's stick close to the truth rule in her lie and rembering as we see a flashback of Vanessa slipping her a phone number as she was leaving. Back to the conversation between Ryan and Emma
"oh I guess but you have to prove to use it responsibily I don't want you to go over the text and call minutes that we pay for or you'll be babysititng to pay the difference!'says Ryan oddly parental
"Oh Daddy have you been talking with Mom? Good for you I'm proud of you!'says Emma praising and wise to where the edict really came from.
"Here!' says Ryan having retrieved Emma's cell from a drawer"but remember what I said!' nags Ryan
"Oh and Daddy I love you!'says Emma kissing her Dad on the cheek
Emma phones Vanessa from upstairs in her bedroom
"My dear girl i'm so happy you'll be able to come to the wedding!Do you think my driver
could pick you up from your school tomorrow for a fitting can you square that with your Dad?'
"A driver do you mean a limo ?'asks Emma
"Well of course a limo "says Vanessa
"And all my friends can see me get picked up?'asks Emma pleased and excited
"yes dear !'say Vanessa
'Daddy ?Emma shouts
"What Em ?'asks Ryan
"Can I go to Penny's after school and see to my dress to get the right size "she asks
"I guess that would be okay shots Ryan back from downstairs "what time will you be home ?'
"Just a minute Daddy says Emma to Ryan and then to Vanessa into the phone she says will I be home by six p.m.
"I don't see why not Emma!'says Vanessa
"I'll be home at six !'says Emma to Ryan!
"Okay!'says Ryan
As the camera shows Vanessa sitting on a settee talking to Emma ."Bye dear she says hanging up the phone as Alex enters
"It's all set dear she'll be here tomorrow for her fitting you leave that to us girls and I'll have her here Friday afternoon for the rehearsal!says Vanessa smuggly
"I knew I could count on you Vanessa "says Alex
"I know how much family means to both of us !I could do no less!'says Vanessa humble and as Alex leaves the room we see her smile secretly as if she knows something Alex doesn't.Then as she enters the bathroom and closes the door we see her pull a secret cellphone about the size of a I -Pod shuffle andd turns on the water in the sink!
"Yes, Floyd the wedding is on you will be able to get me an anullment won't you?'asks Vanessa"no I haven't found the books yet and their are cameras everywhere!complains Vanessa "ah huh I'm looking no you don't have to do that!I'm doing my best here I know the consequences failure!I won't fail "she says as she turns off the water hides the phone once agin in what appears to be a secret pocket and flushes the toilet then washes her hands and leaves the room!
"There you are dear I have to go out business is calling me again!' says Alex"After we're married I'll have to find some time to plan our honeymoon he says pulling travel brochures from behind his back
"Oh Alex you're too good to me!' says Vanessa throwing her arms around Alex and kissing him passionately
"I'm a lucky man!' says Alex smiling"well where would you like to go ?Tahitti,BoraBora.,Hawaii,The Bahamas?where ever you'd like to go!'says Alex generously
"I'm not sure is it okay if I look at this for a couple of days?'asks Vanessa
"Of course my dear but remember my plan has to paly out before we can go on holidays!'says Alex pointedly
"thanks dear I'll keep that in mind!' says Vanessa

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