Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dear Julie Hanan Carruthers and writers

First of all let me tell you that we can see some improvements in our beloved show All My Children! Thank-you for that!

That said one of the biggest problems with the show now and in the past has been the constant touting of Ryan as a hero!The writers are responsible for our dislike of the character ! At one time Ryan was a sweet interesting character, a character we even liked to root for but that all changed when he began his manhandling of every woman who cared for him and his mental and physical abusive of them with no punishment! If you want him to be a leading man you need to :

1.Show us Ryan truly sorry for his past actions and getting therapy .Make him realize he's not perfect!

2.Don't let him win every woman he crooks his finger at turning them into mindless bimbos; have him have to really work at a relationship.

3.Get Cameron some refresher acting lessons.I like the man but the actor only has three faces mad smug and arrogant ;and it doesn't make me like his character!Is it you or Cameron responsible for this?If it's Cameron No offence I like you I really do but even the best actors need sometimes to step back and see when they are in a rut and fix it by going to acting classes!Talk to MEK he did this and he's better for it!

4..Make him spend more time with his daughter show us five seconds at the park or coloring with her and less overnights with strangers

5.And don't make all the other characters keep telling us how wonderful Ryan is .It doesn't work we're not that brainwashable!

Moving on you were quoted Ms.Carruthers as saying in SOD as saying "that the office started buzzing _you know "oh my God did you see that scene? and Oh my God I was crying in my office "And they've read it 15 times !"talking about the reunion of Greenlee and Ryan at the wedding!Personally I didn't see that and I usually cry at this kind of scenes at the drop of a hat!you also said "It's the connections that you have with the show that's so special ,when you hit it ,it reaches a place in people that not very many entertainment outlets can say they acomplish.That is true unfortunately for me and I believe a number of people who watch here on this board we didn't see this with the Greenlee and Ryan scenes!What we did see was an interesting coupling David and Greenlee which could have set up a future triangle being ruined at the altar of the past Grenlee and Ryan are the b and the end all of couples.Give us something to root for give us something exciting to watch we really have been loyal to All My Children but were tiring of seeing the same old recycled stories and the Scooby gang Gang up against David! That's just lazy writing! Think up some new things!Please and keep your job going and our show rolling!

Thanks a devoted viewer!
Amelia Cambias

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