Thursday, February 11, 2010

Part 8- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann

Part 8- The Disappearance of Emily-Ann
Adam is in his living room eating breakfast two days after the wedding reception.He spooning something from a bowl into his mouth and grumbling as he washes it down with coffee
“What is the matter with you now Adam?’asks Krystal
”Winnie‘s still sick and that new cook served me this!do you know what this is it‘s gruel if I wanted gruel I would have stayed in Pigeon Hollow and lived in a shanty house!
”What‘s really bothering you Adam besides the food?asks Krystal
”We should be enjoying family having Max here and Enzo even if Haley and Mateo are away for work but instead that da.m .n Courtlandt is upstairs with my daughter!’says Adam
“Really Adam you better except him because he’s going to be around for awhile!At least they haven’t moved out Colby’s still in the house!’If you keep this up they’ll move out and you won’t see your daughter is that what you want Adam?”asks Krystal
“You no what that upstart said to me at our wedding reception?asks Adam”he had the nerve to tell me that Colby didn’t need me! That I’d better not hurt her!If anyone’s goign to hurt her it will be that Cortlandt trash!’
“Adam you have to calm down you have a pacemaker but you have a bumb ticker all this stress can’t be good for you!’says Krystal
“I’ve set up a trust for her that he can’t touch ever !He won’t get my money!’says Adam
“I’m sure he couldn’t care less about your money Adam it’s plain as the nose on your face that
he’s crazy about her!’You’ve got to try to get along Adam if only for Colby!’
“hello Grumps!’says Enzo ever the smart alec
“that’s Grandpa to you young man!’says Adam but turns and hides an uncharacteristic smile
“so Grandpa what’s chillaxing?asks Enzo
“ is he speaking English?’ asks Adam of Krystal
“It means what’s going on Grandpa!’says Enzo
“Not a lot I was finishing up some business calls well eating my breakfast!says Adam”don’t you have class today?’
“Heck no it’s spring break!hey you wouldn’t spring for me to go somewhere would you Gramps?’asks Enzo
‘That’s a heck no !says Krystal”you’re asks us to keep an eye on you we can’t do that if you’re galivanting somewhere!’
“Well said Krystal but I don’t see why the boy couldn’t find something to do in town.A young man needs some walking around funds.Says Adam taking out his wallet and handing Enzo some cash as Krystal frowns
“Gee thanks Grandpa you’re the best!’ says Enzo ready to leave but Adam says
“That comes with conditions that’s $2000 half is for your brother .You need to take him with you and get him out and about.It’s not good for him to stay in so much!’says Adam well Krystal smiles at him
“but Grandpa he can’t even talk it’s embarrassing and I have to push that wheelchair everywhere!’says Enzo as we see
Max hiding in the shadows in his wheelchair listening
“Is or is he not your brother?asks Adam“Do you know what I do to have my brother back for five minutes? You almost lost him you couldn’t have been the one who was in the wheelchair!I’m proud of your brother he might not be a Chandler by blood but he has the guts of one!So get your self together and show your brother family who cares about him and think of your brother instead of yourself for a change is that understood Lorenzo Santos!’demands Adam
“You’re right Grandfather my brother needs to get out I’ll take him out and will have a good
time!says Enzo embarrassed “sorry for being such a jerk!
“See that you keep that to yourself and don’t hurt your brother Enzo says Adam
“I won’t I do care about him!’says Enzo
“I know you do Enzo as much as I did and still do about Stuart’
Just then Max comes in in his wheelchair pretending he didn’t hear any of the conversation
“I’m soooo bbbored!’says Max leving an opening for Enzoe
“oh good i just scored some cash from gramps and I was thinking we might like to go to Dottie’s and sit on the patio overlooking the water there.We can watch some girls walk by and maybe they’ll join us!There alawys going swimming down there and with spring break on a lot more girls!"says Enzo enthusasticly
“Ar....e y... o sh..hure it wo..nnn’t be too Max
“No we’ll have fun come on !’says Enzo”just don’t steal all the good looking girls with that invalid act okay!”as Max chucklest
“That was a great idea Adam it’s good to see Max look happy “says Krystal “see That’s why I married you under all that billy gruff lies the heart of asweet and kind man!”
“Nonsense I just wanted to have some peace and quiet says Adam covering up but not fooling Krystal one bit!


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