Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Part 30 -Life Goes On-The Wedding Reception

Part 30 -Life Goes On-The Wedding Reception
Dorothy’s fine dining
“Thaddeus Martin and Ms.Dorothy Dunn!’ announces the Master of Ceremonies
“ Colby has gone out a master of ceremonies and all!Why quite the crush !'says Tad coming in with Dottie on his arm in a black tux!
“Are you sure they won’t mind me crashing the party?And were late! asks Dottie wearing a blue dress silk tapered in the waist drapping her stomach and making her appear slimmer.It‘s very flattering and cut to show her ample charms!
“Number 1 we are fashionably late two this is your restaurant ! Three you had an invite from
me !My invitation says plus one and my plus one is you!’says Tad
“Oh look it’s T.J. I didn’t know he was coming and look there! Am I a matchmaker or not?
There’s Caitlin with him!’says Dottie looking at her son who look like a younger Tad.Caitlin does not look like the 33year old woman she is .she could easily pass for 21!she‘s dressed in a slinky bronze color dress with lots of cleavage!
“T.J. looks really smitten!’says Tad “is he ready to be a Dad?”
“I don’t think it’s gotten that far yet!’Besides look at him he takes after his Dad says Dottie laughing noticing T.J.staring at Cailtin’s cleavage”but an instant grandchild would be nice!’
“I don’t think I’m ready to be a grandad!’ says Tad
“Good thing that that’s not going to happen anytime soon!’ says Dottie
“ Let’s go smooze a little says Tad
“Wow I haven’t been to a party in ages says Marissa to J.R. “do you know why Colby is givng the party.
“Did you forget? I told you earlier that Krystal and Dad got remarried and that she was throwing a party to announce it to the world or at least Happy Valley Society!Oh look there its’ the mayor!Mayor Robert Sevenson!I have to talk to him I need some help with some zoning laws!I’llb e right back!why don’t you go talk to your sister Melissa I think she’s over there somewhere with Tim!says J.r.distracted
“Isn’t that like a man bring you to a fancy party for his family and then takes off to talk about business!’says Melissa coming up to her sister.Melissa is in a knee length gown with a cinched waist in green.whc brings out the green flecks in her hazel eyes!
“Oh hi Melissa I love your dress is so beautiful!Wow how muchweight have you lost 50 pounds?”asks Marissa
“Thanks say Melissa twirling in her red dress and showing off her size 5 frame!
“I haven’t lost enough look at this paunch !says Marissa patting her stomach
“Are you kidding? You look beautiful in this dress!And if you look closer you can see we did again we bought the same dress in two differnt colors!Can I borrow it sometime.It is a 5 right?says Melissa reassuringly
“Yes it’s a 5 but what’s is your a 2?’asks Marissa
“Are you having body issues this is a 5 !A lot of woman can’t even achieve this size and yet here the two of us are after giving birth to twins!Maybe you should be discussing this with Dr.Woods”says Melissa gently
“ I don’t want to talk about it I just want to have fun!’says Marissa “Okay?”
“Sure we deserve a night on the town!says Melissa sipping a martini
“I wish I could have adrnk but no mixing drinks with my new medications!’complains Marissa
“And now the reason for the party Adamand Krystal Chandler!The newly weds ’ announces the Master of Ceremonies
The crowd starts talking and you hear :
“I can’t believe it he married HER again!“ “Her again?’ “She knows the gold goose when she sees him!’ “Unfreakin believeable she married that old goat again is she crazy?’
Adam and Krystal are bathing in the people rushing forward to congratulations
“I can’t believ this why didn’t she tell me ?I knew she was seeing him but she didn’t tell me!’says Tad hurt to Dottie
“I’m sorry she did that Tad but you’re not interestd in her still are you?’ asks Dottie
“hardly there’s only one woman for me right now and it‘s you Dixie er I maen Dottie!’ says Tad
“Oh Tad it’s still her isn’t it I’m competing with a ghost !’says Dottie
“It was a slip of the tongue Dottie !she’d dead and gone!”say Tad trying to make-up with Dottie
“Prove it to me !Marry me Tad ?’Dottie asks
“I’m not ready yet Dottie! I’m sorry but I can’t marry you yet! Does this mean we broke up?he says to dead air

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