Sunday, January 3, 2010

Part 18 -New Beginnings and New Alliances

Part 18 -New Beginnings and New Alliances
Kathy and Aaron at their school.there are whispers and fingers being pointed at them
“I guess they know were dating!'says Aaron taking a uniform top out of his locker
“you made the team ! wonderful says Kathy “I know how much that meant to you!’Are you the quarterback?
“but you hate Football!says Aaron ”and yes I‘m the quarterback!
“that’s not funny Aaron you know someone tried to hack me again! I’ve got to think of a better password something no one else can guess!”complains Kathy
“Well I have been hacked but I did get a weird message from you!says Aaron
“What did it say?asks Kathy
“Some foolishness about how you’re favorite color is pink and how you love to talk about your mother!’says Aaron”oh and how you love to play tonsil hockey!
“Aaron that‘s disgusting!“My favorite color is blue and I rarely talk about my mother ! You know I had three besides Krystal!My biological mother whom I was stolen from and my two adoptive moms all of them are dead!’says Kathy bitterly
“I’m sorry Kathy my Dad is dead too not that he was any good anyway!”
“Let’s not let this hacker get to us that’s what he or she wants !says Kathy
‘yes but I’ve got to tell you not to excpt any texts from em my phone is missing says Aaron
“Okay and just in case no texts from me either I hate texting anyway !although Emma is always texting me!”
Just then Kathy’s phone knocks with a new text
“Oh dear I forgot to turn this off it’s a good thing a teacher didn’t catch me!’ she says and then reading the text her eyes get big and she blushes
“What’s a matter Kathy?’Aaron says seeing her face
“ Someone sent a text from you but it sext .It’s disgusting!’ she says
“Don’t worry Kathy I don’t even have to know just delete it and don’t read anything else that’s texted from my number!’says Aaron
A guy comes up to Aaron and whispers in his ear!
“sorry Kathy it seems the person who stole my phone and hacked our spacebook acounts has also be spreading rumors here!”states Aaron
“It’s pretty bad Kathy! they say you’ve gone all the way with me and that your really a football bunny! You like jocks!”
“I don’t like this we have to stop this person but who could it be?’asks Kathy
“there’s only one person who came to my house before my phone disppeared but I’d hate to think she’d do this! I don’t want to say her name in case I’m wrong!’
“there was only one person who I thought knew my last password!
“just say the first letter of the name
“E”they both say at the same time and then knowling Emma ....
“Why Emma why did you do this?’ asks Kathy.
“I think we should tell our parents and then Mr. Lavery what she’s done!’
“Does she relaize what she did is a crime if we wanted to we could go to the police”says Kathy
“Keep the evidence backed up so she can’t erase it we are going to make sure Emma gets punished for this !’says Aaron
“Oh I feel bad she must have really cared about you!says Kathy
“she doesn’t care about me she just wants me that’s something entirely different!’says Aaron
“Yes I guess you’re right says Kathy “she needs to know she can’t do this to anyone else!


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