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Part 3-Life Goes On-*The people versus Scott Chandler*1

Part 3-Life Goes On -The people versus Scott Chandler*1

Ryan’s house
Kathy has now been SORAS to17 and Emma will soon be 16!
“Mom can I hang out at Kathy’s today since you’re going to the trial for Scott?’asks Emma
“Isn’t it a school day?asks Annie still in her pajamas
“No it’s a Teacher Development day!’says Emma
“What is that ?’asks Annie
“The teachers have some kind of conference that they learn stuff at and we get the day off!’explains Emma”don’t you recall we’ve had them before!
“I guess I was a little distracted and didn’t remember!’says Annie
“So can I go to Kathy’s?’
”I don‘t know are you sure it‘s okay they just lost Kathy‘s sort of grandfather!’
‘That’s exactly why she needs the companionship!’says Emma
“Okay but if you have to come home by five o'clock!’says Annie
“That’s so archaic!’says Emma
“do you even know what the word means?’asks Annie ”becasue your not using it the right way!‘
“I think it means old I heard Kathy say that to her Dad!’says Emma
“Oh so she’s not perfect!’ says Annie smiling
“No but she’s close to it she won’t do anything she thinks is remotely bad!’says Emma”but she’s the best friend you’d ever want !’
“Just keep remembering that Emma you’re are really lucky to have a friend like Kathy!’Be a good friend to her now!
“If we decide to can we make a quick run to Dottie’s for a burger for lunch?’asks Emma
“I guess !'says Annie grabbing money from her purse and handing it to Emma “ Have fun but Don’t go anywhere else understand!
“Yes mom thanks!’says Emma”you’re the best mom ever!
“Only when you get exactly what you want!’ says Annie under her breath as she went over to the closet to pick out her outfit for the trial
“Oh I’m dreading today today is Scott’s trial and as much as I fear his violence some part of me still loves the man I once thought he was.” she thinks “maybe he just lost his way as I once did! And why hadn’t I seen the signs?Even if Scott were to get out tomorrow however I could never be with him again.He’s threatened Emma and terriorized me and the baby.’What kind of man harms an unborn child?’Or threatens a stepchild he claims as his own?We’re better off without him!’
“Are you almost ready Annie? It’s time to go!We can’t be a late they’ll turn us away if we were late!says Ryan
”Just a minute says Annie putting on a very beautiful green silk dress with a low neckline but her belly is still sticking out and then saying to Ryan“I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to stay here the last month’
“It was the least I could do besides “smiles Ryan” I enjoy having you here and so does Emma!’leaving the house with Annie
Flash to Emma who is on the phone with Kathy
“ It’s been so wonderful the last month .Mom’s been here everyday just like when I was little.
Daddy has been smiling and laughing and kidding.He seems o much happier with mom here.Do yo think it’s possible they could get back together?’
“ Emma life is not like A disney movie like “The Parent Trap” .People divorce and usually don’t get back together!’says Kathy
“My parents are happy together it could happen!' Emma insists.
“Let’s got to Dottie’s for breakfast instead of lunch all those people who are going to the trial will be there for lunch!'asks Kathy
“I’ll have to ask my mom but okay!‘says Emma”I’m sure she won‘t mind!“Mom I’m going now to Dottie’s instead and then to Kathy’s okay? “I’m taking your silence as a Yes!’ she says locking the front door and leaving the house while putting on her coat! Still talking on her cellphone to Kathy.
"I'm off see you soon!' she says hanging up
Emma gets to Dottie’s first and looks around for Kathy not seeing her she goes in scouting for a table.A very handsome blonde man is sitting at a table. he smiles and gestures to Emma to come over.She smiles back at him and goes over as she gets close she says
“Hello Trey!It’s good to see you I haven’t seen you since Christmas at Marissa’s!
“Yes I’ve been busy !he says as a pretty brunette girl comes in and sits beside him fawning all over him.
Adam Chandler III(Trey) will now be SORAS to 16
“Have you met my girlfriend Ariel?’asks Trey
“Yes!’ says Emma not impressed then she shows manners saying”Hi Ariel!‘
“Really Trey you should keep better company do you know who this is?’says Ariel
“Yes I do your speaking to my friend Emma!’ says Trey angrily
“She’s a lowlife !You do know her mother killed her uncle don’t you?
“I don’t think I really know you!’says Trey his eyes narrowing and looking like Adam Sr
‘Well excuse me! I have to go now see you later Trey!’says Ariel huffily
”I don‘t think so says Trey” I think were done!”
“Bye Ariel!’ says Emma happily then under her breath she says don’t let the door hit you on the way out!
“I’m sorry Trey that must have hurt !"Emma says thinking of how wonderful he was to defend her
“I should have dumped her awhile ago but I liked having a girlfriend !'admits Trey
“So why don’t you have a boyfriend Your a knock-out Emma and you’re one of sweetest girls I know !’says Trey
“Well thank -you I think!’ says Emma “I just haven’t met the right guy yet or maybe i have and he just doesn’t know it!’she says flirtin with Trey
“Don’t tell me you’re still in love with your cousin?He’s your cousin!!says Trey exasperated
“No I got over my little crush when I found out my best friend was in love with him and he was my cousin!says Emma
“That’s good says Tre suddenly shy”so...err who are you meeting here?’
“Kathy and Aaron actually you want to eat with us ?asks Emma “thinking “oh please oh pleae oh please say yes!’
“yes I guess I could!’ says Trey
 Happy Valley Courtroom 3
People are seated all over the courtroom,Adm is sitting two rows behind scott but Scott hasn’t seen him. Ryan glares at Scott and puts his arm around Annie to support her.Haley is sitted with Enzo on crutches beside her.
“I’m so glad you’re feeling better!’ says Haley to Enzo but really she can’t bare to have him out of her sight
“I wish Max was better !’ “His head injuries are taking so long to recover from !’
“Do you think he’ll recover mom asks Enzo still guilt ridden even though it wasn’t his fault.
“The doctor’s say he’s doing much better and your Dad found a perfect rehab place for him.It specailizes in head injuries but I wish it weren’t so far away in Sacramento!He can tie his shoes now and walking is getting easier!”
“but he still can’t speak very well mom!’says Enzo
“he will we just have to have faith Lorenzo!’ says Haley”he’ll get better!’
Scott is seated looking gaunt and pale!Seemingly not to see anyone.Jack tries to speak to him and gets nowhere.Nothing seems to register to Scott.Adam comes over to speak to him and he shrinks and appears terrifed.Jack calls to Dr.Caitlin McGillis who is nearby and she gives him a mild sedative.
“All rise the honorable Judge Banks presiding”says the baliff“Court is in session please be seated!
The Commonwealth of California versus Scott Chandler for the murder of Stuart Chandler.How do you plea the judge asks Scott
“My client pleas not guilty !As the courtroom gasps

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