Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Part 1-Life Goes On

Part 1-Life Goes On
Jr and Marissa’s house:
Rose has come to visit her sister on her own sneaking out on the babysitter David hired to look after her.
“ Marissa, Jr ,Trey?’Where is everybody the door was wide open?’wonders Rose becoming a little alarmed hearing the babies crying
“Marissa why are you sitting there?"Rose says seeing Marissa sitting in a chair in the living room
Her hair is uncombed and her clothes which appear dirty hang on her from great weight loss.Marissa sits staring at a television that’s off and crying !
"Are you okay? The babies are crying can’t you hear them?’Marissa I’m talking to you have you gone deaf?’
“What? Rose what are you doing here?’ asks Marissa
“Where’s JR.and Trey?’asks Rose
“They went out!’says Marissa”and I’m so tired”
“You look tired why don’t you go up and have nap I’ll feed and change the babies!’offers Rose
“But your so young to do that? Are you sure ?’asks Marissa desperate "I should look after them I should care that there crying!
“Yes my neices are going to bond with their Auntie now go get some sleep Sis!’says Rose forcefully
Rose goes to the babies room with two bottles she’s heated up with breast milk and tested on her wrist.She picks up the baby screaming the loudest Arabella.
“There now Bella it’s okay I’m your Auntie Rose and I’m going to change your diaper how hard can that be?Rose says talking away to Bella’The baby pees on her !’
“Bella you couldn’t wait until I got this silly diaper thing on .I though these were suppose to be easy!’ Rose says”okay Bella now you be a good girl while I change your sister then I’ll feed you both she says setting down Bella who starts crying loudly
“You have to wait honey sorry !Rose says as she scoops up Bess and changes her much quicker .she then places both babies in sitters in their crib.Since they prefered to sleep in one crib for now.She puts the bottles in each babies mouth and they suckle greedly .She stops picks up Bella and burps her as Bess cries.She then pick up Bess and burps her!Then she feeds them some more!Finally the babies are fed and Rose reads them a story awkwardly holding them in her lap!The babies seem delighted as they Coo!Finally both babies fall asleep and Rose watches them for aminute taking the baby monitor with her after she has put them on their backs in the crib.

Rose is watching television very low in the living room and listening very close for the babies.She still goes up to check up on them every twenty minutes.She also checked on Marissa who was still sleeping.
“Poor Sis!’ she thought” she obviously isn’t getting enough sleep!’Rose listened close to the monitor as she heard a strange noise not being able to figure out what it was she rushed up to the babies room where she found a sleepwalking Marissa. Marissa is picking up Arabella
who woken starts to cry startling Marissa who wakes.
“What am I doing here?’Marissa asks Rose
“You were sleepwalking here! Give me Bella and go back to bed!’says Rose concerned
“I can look after my own daughters!’ says Marissa angrily
”I know you can I just think you need some more sleep‘Rose says
“I think you should go home and leave me with my babies!” says Marissa
“I don’t think I should do that! you’re so tired!’ says Rose
“What do you know your only ten !Go home now Rose !’says Marissaand then under her breath she says"I just want to die!‘
“Oh okay!’ says Rose scared at the change in Marissa and worried about the babies but not wanting to tangle with an adult and her new found sister.
Rose leaves and goes home.
“where have you been young lady I’ve been looking all over for you!I even called your father at work!He’s worried sick!’says Mrs.Field the nanny David hired to look after Rose
Just then David comes in sees Mrs.Field but not Rose
“Where could she be how could you lose her?’he asks Mrs.Fields
“I don’t need these kind of headaches I quit !”says Mrs.Fields “What do I expect from the doctor that poisoned Happy Valley! Spoiled little brat!’ she says looking at Rose
“Oh thank goodness you’re safe I was so worried!’ says David ignoring Mrs.Fields comments and pushing past her to hug his daughter
“I’ll be needing my wages for the day and the extra you promised !’says Mrs.Fields
“Fine here!’ says David taking out his wallet and throwing the money at her!Mrs.fields picks it up and leaves slamming the front door.
“Good I didn’t like that woman!’ says David”but that doesn’t mean you can just wander off!I was so worried Rose that I postponed a surgery!’
“Oh Daddy I’m sorry will the patient be okay can their surgery wait?’ asks Rose
“Yes it was elective surgery but still Rose were were you?and why didn’t you let me or someone else know whee you were?’asks David
“That woman was treating me like a child.She had a fit when I tried to do my chemistry homework! Then when I called Marissa to ask about how she was and how the babies were she didn’t answer and I was worried and that woman said “No no you can’t go anywhere!’ but I had to make sure Marissa was okay .She used to call me everyday even when she was working but she didn’t even answer the phone all four hours tired to call her,
“Well sweetie she just had twins she’s busy!”says David sympathetic thinking Rose was really lonely and maybe jealous of the twins
“It’s not what your thinking you know those babies are the cutest say Rose guessing what he was thinking.”I think there’s something wrong with Marissa!she has all the signs!’says Rose
“signs of what Rose?’
“Post Partum depression!She’s been so distant.She ignores the babies a lot and they cry and cry !She’s said she just wants to die!She’s lost so much weight that her clothes are hangin on her!she doesn’t even wear her good clthes anymore and her clthes are dirty and her hair is not even combed!”says Rose
“Why didn’t you tell me this sooner this is serious your right Rose this does sound like post partum.what is J.r, doing?’asks David
“J.r. is going out taking Trey(littleA) out thinking the babies will sleep but they don’t sleep that much and neither is Marissa!’says Rose”she’ll deny it of course she thinks it makes her abad mom!She even kicked me out today cause she felt so guilty but was going to call you and tell you so you could go over.Those babies need someone else to watch them and Marissa needs help! says Rose”cause I can’t watch them and feed and diaper them all the time!’
“How did you get so wise?’ asks David
“Just born that way!’ says Rose
“come one we’re going to Marissa’s says David after I make a couple of phone calls as we hear David say
“Hello yes this is Dr.Hayward I need two nannies tomorrow!Yes I know I had Mrs.Fields.I’d actually like a live- in one younger and more capable of looking after a genius young adult who’s 10! I don’t care waht she looks like it’s nothing like that!Mrs.Fields well an adequate nanny was incapable of looking after my daughter! Yes I know she was the third one ,very well I’ll pay an extra stipend! And I’ll also pay for a second nanny/nurse.Yes this woman must have nursing training and live in and care fro twins and the mother.Ah ha yes that wll do please send her immediately .What what do you mean not until tomorrow I’ll pay extra if you can send someone immediately.Very well and extra $200 and not until 6pm this is the address.1400 Hunter Road!yes that’s right okay bye! then he hangs up and turns to Rose
“Come one we have babies and Marissa to look after and convince Marissa to accept help and the nurse .’

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