Friday, January 22, 2010

Part 10 -Life Goes On

Part 10 -Life Goes On
So my mom is a famous authoreous!’ brags Emma to an audience in the cafeteria at Happy Valley high School
“Likely story Emma! says Trisha
“Emma likes to tell stories don’t you Emma?’says another girl who’s name is Kisha
“I admit I made up somethings about my friends Kathy and Aaron but I’ve done my pentience for that .I made amends to them! They are my friends againand they trust me “
“Fools that they are!’ says Kisha”Kathy Martin is just to nice for her own good!And Aaron
is your cousin he has to forgive you so hmm should we beleive anything you have to say!’Come on Trish let’s go someone is polutting the air hear with all her lies!’
“I’m not lying my mom is A.Chandler!’says Emma
“Your last name is Lavery !Not Chandler!Who’s that author anyway?asls Kisha
“A Chandler writes all those cool books you know those ones about woman who truimpth over men who do them wrong and then become totally successful!.”You know the main character is Emmaline!’says Tish
“Are you trying to use the fact the main character has a name close to yours to get popular?says another girl Ashley who has overheard the conversation”cause that’s just sick!’
“You people are just annoying!you wuld beleive something if it hit you in the face !My mother wrote most of those books when I was little for me!” She said I was Princess Emmaline!’
“Why don’t you just go away Emma and tell someone else your story cause none of us are buying it!says Kisha
“She’s telling the truth!’says Kathy coming up with Aaron “her mom is Annie Chandler!”
“Her mom is the famous authoreous she’s not making that up?” asks Ashley
“No she’s not !Her moms’ books are on the best seller list!”says Aaron
“Wow really?’ asks Trisha
“Like can I get a free copy?’asks Kish
“And I should do that because your my what?’asks Emma retaliating
‘We’re your friends Emma!’ says Trisha”you can get us signed copies can’t you?’
“When my mom gets back maybe she’s on a tour right now! She’s in Duluth today!says Emma
”We‘ll hold you to that!’ says Trisha
“like where’s Duluth is that in America or Canada?’asks Kisha
“like you’re really stupid you know it’s in America!"says Ashley
“I know where it is it’s in Minnesota!’says Trisha
“Just because you got A+ in geography in grade 4 you got always bring up that you no where places are!”says Kisha annoyed“I got a scholarship in math so if I’m not able to remember where every place is who cares!’
“Come on Kisha ,Trisha’s or friend you should be nicer to her she can help being a know-it all it’s part of her charming personality!’says Ashley ”Im hungry lets go get some fries!as the three girls Trisha,Kisha and Ashley
“So when will your mom be back ?’asks Kathy
‘I‘m not sure a month or so!says Emma “I miss her!
“I bet Iknow how close you and your mom are !Does she call?’
“She calls me every night!she talks to dad too!”says Emma
“Are you still thinking they’ll get back together?’She moved out Emma!’says Kathy
“But if you could only see them together ! they look so happy and really really good together!’says Emma
“Don’t get your hopes up Emma! I wouldn’t want to see you hurt!’says Aaron
“They’re going to get back together and were going to be a family again you just wait and see!’says Emma
The bell rings
“Lunch is over we have to get back to class!’says Kathy
“ Okay see you guys later I have English now!’says Emma
“Bye Em “ Kathy and Aaron say at the same time then laugh and walk arm in arm to their next class!

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