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Part 2-Old Love New Loves Collide

Part 2-Old Love New Loves Collide

Dottie is looking through her phone book thinking of who to invite another day for T.J !
“Is the Lasagna ready yet ?'asks T.J smelling the air as he enters Dottie’s house!‘
“No but soon!’says Dottie
“Did you make some garlic bread too?asks T.J.
“Of course would I disappoint you?says Dottie
Just then the doorbell rings it’s Caitlin McGillis and T.J gives her an appreciative look that Dottie doesn‘t miss.
“Hi sorry we just moved in next door today and we found a dog in our backyard is it yours?’Caitlin asks
“No sorry!’We don’t have a dog!says Dottie her mind working furiously and wondering if this gorgeous dark haired woman was single.She looked about T.j.’s age! she thought
“Oh dear he’s so cute too I think he’s some kind of poodle mix!I guess my son and I we‘ll advertise and keep him until his owner comes!
“You have a son how old is he and will we be seeing your husband soon!’asks Dottie a little obviously
“ Mom!’‘protests T,J
“I’m a widow my son is 14 I was really young when I had him! “says Caitlin wondering why she was explaining
“ You must have been a baby!’says Dottie
“Actually I was 16 !'says Caitlin”wow I never tell anyone that !’
“My mom gets everyone to tell her their life stories says T..j laughing”it’s her gift!
“Wow nice gift it would come handy in my job as a psychiatrist”Caitlin jokes
”Wow that must be an interesting job !says Dottie interrupts
“Would you and your son like to come to dinner we have lots !'says Dottie
”It‘s Lasagna and garlic bread .All homemade my mom makes a mean lasagna!says T.j.Smiling and flirting
“If your sure it wouldn’t be any trouble !says Caitlin
“not all says!’ Dottie smiling as you can just see how her mind is working
Caitlin goes and gets Aron putting the dog in her house and she comes back and they all sit down to dinner!
Flash to Jake leaving Amanda

Jake leaves Tim’s Amanda silently crying at the front door!He drives home to his home where we see as he enters the house Carolyn is there!
Carolyn had dressed up to the nines and as we scan the room we see fine China out on the table candles lit and a hugs smile of welcome on her face!
“Hi Jake!’ she says shyly
“What’s all this asks Jake!’
“Dinner says Carolyn taking off the covers to reveal hamburgers and fries!’
“You remembered my favorite meal !'says Jake
“of course !"says Carolyn” I remember everything as she pulls him down into a passionate kiss!”
As Jake slowly starts taking her in his arms and directs her to the bedroom saying
“Ruth’s asleep isn’t she?’
“She is she’s probably out for the night!”or at least until her one am medicine!"says Carolyn helping Jake out of his shirt!
They make love!In the after glow Jake’s pager goes off
“Drat!' says Jake" I’m on call tonight I have to go to the hospital!’Sorry!‘
“I understand !'says Carolyn” I’m a nurse after all!”
As Jake hurried throws on his clothes and kisses Carolyn.
“ You didn’t have any dinner"says Carolyn worried
“I’ll get something later!’says Jake
“Ruth has to get up at 2am for her medicine I’ll stop by McDonald’s and bring you a hamburger and fries!"says Carolyn
“That’s too much trouble!’says Jake
“Let me do this says Carolyn
“Okay!’ says Jake laughing”twist my arm!’as he lives to go to the hospital
Flash to Sam Grey,Colby Chandler.Enzo Santos,Max Santos and Corinna at a frat party.
Sam and Colby are drinking beer! Then there are dares to drink some shots which they do.Enzo is in a room where we here
“Chug! chug! chug!”as they dare him to drink beer after beer.Max is having fun talking to Corinna whom Colby brought to the party to meet him
“So what do you do?’Max asks Carinna
“I finished taking Early Childhood Education about two years ago.I also took first year English ,humanities and Introductory Social work courses now I’m in my second year !I had to get references luckily my former employer Mr.Lavery and Zach Slater gave me glowing ones from when I babysit for their kids!And of course all my volunteer work at the Miranda center!I also have found time to sing in a band! says Corrina
“Wow you’re very busy !says Max”My life sounds dull compared to you I’m taking some coumter science courses advanced math etc!’I want to someday be a computer programmer at Yahoo!”
“Why are you that good at computer stuff!’
“Yes I am !’says Max proudly”let’s say that I got into a little trouble when I was 14 for fixing some grades for afew people but only because some kid told!’
“That’s nothing to be proud of !"says Corinna sipping punch that suppose to be non alcholic but a flashback shows somebody doctoring it!”I feel weird like I’ve been drinking yet I I’ve only drank this!Corinna says now giggling
“I know I thought I was okay just having two drinks but the bartender Fred I think he put more then one shot of scotch in my drinks!’ Max says slurring ”but really I did get in trouble for that grade fixing and my parents were so,soooo mad they sent me to a miltary boarding school for a year!‘
”Oh my head did you ever get dizzy from drinking two glasses of punch?then her brain not firing on all cylinders she says quickly switching gears“I wonder what Sam and Colby are up to?’ says Corinna
“Want to go!’ see says Max taking her hand
“Sure I like you! ’says Corinna now getting really sloshed
“I like you too!’says Max
They walk into the other room and find Colby and Sam drunk as well.Colby is tripping over her feet! and losing her balance
“Thank goodness we have adesignated driver because I’m too drunk to walk !’says Max”and Enzo too young to drink he’s only 19!”
“Colby you promised after the last time that you wouldn’t drink and get drunk!’says Corinna
“What are you talking about I only had two little wee wee tiny glasses of punch!' says Colby stumbling again
“Me too !’says Corinna stumbling as if she’s drunk too and losing her balance!
“ You don’t think someone spiked it do you?.But Freddie promised he got it before anyone had touched it"says Colby
“I think I’ve got to go talk to goodddder gooo good old Freddie! I think he got us drunk!’says Sam
“Don’t bother !'says Max” let’s just go over to my house and sober up!”My parents are in Vegas renewing their vows so no parents to yell at us!You can crash at my house!
“Souds good to me says Colby” I want to get my own place but Daddy and Mom put their foot down and said I couldn’t get access to my trust fund for that.just because the two of them want me at either of their houses.And mommy ‘s mad mad mad cause Krystal’s put the moves on Daddy she says!
“Parents are annoying says Max !They always want to know what you’re doing and who your with even when your almost 22!I’m an adult you’d think they’d treat me like one!They even think I should be babysitting Enzo !He’s an adult he’s 19!Not a baby!”
“At least you’re Dad’s alive to give you grief I wish mine was!’ says Sam
“Sorry Sam!’ Colby and Max says together
“I feel sick I wanted to go home and lie down !'says Corinna
“okay where did you last see Enzo Sam?’asks Max
“I saw him in the backroom he was talking to some girl I think her name was Tina or something like that .then he turns to Colby and says"The weird thing is she looks like you from the back Colby! and maybe from the front if you don’t see her nose!"
“Weird she must be my doppelganger!’ says Colby laughing
We see Enzo in the backroom setting down a finished beer a collection of bottles beside it! Tina is drunk and is trying to take off her top but Enzo stops her and offers to take her home.He feels despite the numerous beers he’s had he’s sober enough to drive .He walks to the doorway where he encounters Max.
“Enzo we all want to go to our house you’ll drive won’t you? I’m drunk!’ says Max
“Yes sure I was going to drive Tina home but if she doesn’t mind coming to our house okay!’ “Tina will you come to my house?'
“sure I’d like that says Tina flirting heavily
“say we do look alike!’ says Colby"I’m Colby Chandler!she says introducing herself to Tina

but you have red socks and mine are blue”she says nonsensical like most drunks
“Tina Michaels’Tina says”I think I’ve seen you around ....ooh wasn’t it your dad that killed his brother?
“Actually no it was my cousin!’ says Colby”but polite people don’t bring that up !
They‘ll be a trial soon and I hope they throw the book at Scott for what he did to my Dad!”
“Sorry no offence kay!’ says Tina
“Okay SHHH she says putting her finger to her mouth and almost missing I’m drunk anyway and I probably won’t remember in the morning!"exaggerating her movements “You’re my friend everyone’s my friend she says raising her voice and putting her arm around Tina
“I like you your nice!’ says Tina to Colby
“come on girls let’s go now!’ says Sam
“okey dokely!’ says Colby sluring and acting silly”I love that Simpson show and Ned Fanders what a hunk!
“He’s a cartoon and he’s old!says Tina
“I like an older man!’ says Colby
“Can I try on your bracelet!’ asks Tina
‘Sure!’ says Colby handing it to her
“It’s really pretty ,such pretty stones!’Ah a birthstone right? says Tina
“Yes it’s saphire!says Colby
“Mine is emerald cause I was born in May!’ says Tina
“You can wear it until we get to Max’s if you want!’says Colby generously

They get outside and finally realize that for here are only five seatbelts for six people
“Can’t you come back for Tina ?’asks Max
“No says Enzo ‘she asked first we’ll just double up she can sit on your lap!’I trust you with my girl he winks!”
“ I have to sit in the front seat or I’m going to hurl!’ says Corinna
“Fine sit in the front!’ says Max as he ,Colby and Sam climb in the back seat and put the seatbelts.Tina climbs on Max’s lap!
The car roars off with Enzo at the wheel .Max yells at him “Slow down Enzo you’re going to fast!Enzo breaks and slows down!Enzo looks back at Max just as a car shoots through the red light and strikes an uncoming car.
We don’t know which car went through the red light as both cars are the same color!
As we look we see two blonde girls thrown from the car lying facedown on the ground !We see Corinna bloodied and bruised on the ground further over thrown from the car!Max is till strapped in the back seat and Enzo is slumped over the wheel.We see the other car a woman slumped over the wheel .We hear a small voice from the back seat of that car says “Mommy?’.We pan in and see Ruth Martin Jake’s daughter crying in the backseat frightened !
A police car and ambulance arrive on the scene.


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