Friday, January 1, 2010

Part 15-New Beginnings and New Alliances
Amanda in her hospital room the nurse is taking her temperature and her blood pressure .
“that’s so much better!’ says the nurse
“yah whatever !'says Amanda not caring
Just then a delivery person comes in with something in his hands."Delivery for Amanda Dillon!”
he says
“Oooh what could it be ?'asks Amanda suddenly interested in something as she takes the box
She opens it up and says “A silver charm bracelet “wow this is so pretty!she says as she puts it on then realizes there is a small box in side the other box.she opens this up and finds a small charm of a flower it was painted to look like abluebell! A note with it says
Bluebells signal constancy!Something I wish for you!
Although we’ve met before I remain your secret admirer~~
Who could have sent me this?’ Amanda wonders “could it be Jake was he sorry?”well if it was Jake why wouldn’t he say so?” “no it wasn’t Jake could it be David! no this was not David’s style but who?’
A couple of hours later another delivery person arives ."Delivery for a Ms.Dillon!” sign here he says as he places a package in front of Amanda.Amanda opens it excited distracted from the overwhelming grief that had over taken her an half an hour after the last package.She opens to find another charm a gren flour leaf clover in a small ornate box and a note
A four leaf clover!To bring you luck and happiness.Something I wish for you!
I remain your secret admirer~~
“Wow Amanda where did you get the bling?” asks Melissa coming in with Tim
Tim looks over at the note and says “Who is this person ? they had better be nice!’he says
“I’m sure they are Tim they sent her a charm bracelet and charm !’
“Actually two!’ says Amanda holding them up and smiling
” I wonder who it is that is sending this bling?"asks Melissa
”I really haven‘t be able to tell!‘says Amanda
“You are coming home withus tomorrow?’asks Tim changing the subject and worried that Amanda will say no
‘yes that is where my Trevor is isn’t it with your children!’says Amanda”I‘d love to come stay with you just for a little while!
“I’m so sorry sis about the baby I know how much that little girl meant to you!’says Tim hugging Amanda
“Thanks Tim I’m trying to come to grips with it! I don’t want to cry too much
around Trevor and upset him!’says Amanda
“It’s okay to feel Amanda! When I lost our babies I cried it was cathartic!’says Melissa”kids know anyway!Tey know when your grieving you don’t need to hide it!’
“I’ll still feel it but I don’t want Trevor to!
“I understand !'says Melissa
“We’re headed out no can I get you something?asks Tim
“Just bring me something to wear says Amanda to Melissa as she knws Tim will bring the wrong thing! Just make sure it isn’t maternity clothes !she says brekaing off tears in her eyes.
Outside the door lurking is T.J.who has heard the maternity clothes comment and gets an idea he leaves the hospital head for Krystal’s dress shop!


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