Thursday, January 21, 2010

Part 9 -Life Goes On

Part 9 -Life Goes On
Ryan’s house

Emma pleads with her mom
“Mom please don’t move out you and Dad are so good together and we’re a family again!”
“Emma you knew this was just temporary I needed a place to stay and your father gave me one!”explains Annie
“But Mom Daddy needs you!’says Emma pleading
“Emma I can never be anyone’s companion or partner until I make something of myself and show someone I can be independant and not a needy little girl!’explains Annie
“But don’t you love Daddy?’
“I loved your father once I became so absorbed with him that I lived and died for him!That’s not love that’s obssession!I lost myself nad then my mind!And I set a bad example for you!I want you to see that you can be a strong woman and still have a relationship but first I have to prove to myself I’m worthy! that I have talents that I am strong!That I don’t need someone to take care of me that I can be an equal partner.!’
“But if you leave now Daddy will find someone else he always does when a woman leaves!’says Emma
“That’s just the chance I’ll have to take I’m hoping that if I show your father I am the woman he once thought I was and with the therapy he has been taking that we will both be able to come back together eventually as an equal couple!But no matter what happens honey this is between your father and I!We love you no matter what and you come you understand?”
“No it’s not Fair I want my parents together! Other people have parents who are together!”says Emma
“Emma!’ says Ryan coming up and hearing this says”You know we love you but Mommy wants to have her own place this was temporary!’
“I’m sorry Ryan she’s got it in her head that I should stay!’
“It’s only normal all kids want their parents together !I hope though that maybe you’d consider...”he breaks off here not usre how to put what hewants to say into words
“Consider what?” asks Annie looking like she hopes that Ryna won’t ask her to stay!
“Consider dating me?’says Ryan
“Well I’ll have to think about that!’ says Annie flirting
“We could take it really slow!’says Ryan
“We’d have to I haven’t told you both yet but I’ve had really good news .You know all those stories I wrote for Emma when she was little ?well I continued writng over the years and I have quite a collection of them.I was reading them at the Miranda Center to some of the children and one of the volunteers listened.Grace Van Houten She’s an editor for Blossoming Minds! She loved them she asked if I had more when she read them she offered me a contract!There going to publish my stories. And now with my magazine Bravo starting up!It‘s all really good!
“Really that’s wonderful!’Both Ryan and Emma say hugging Annie
“I’m so excited!It was finalized about an hour ago I signed the papers after Jack checked them over! I have to go on a book tour though!And it starts next month a 14 city tour at bookstores across the United States and Canada.I’m going to New York City,Reno ,and Las Vegas Nevada across the border to Vancouver British Columbia Canada then back to Duluth Minnesota, Pittsburg ,Pine Valley Pennyslvannia. Detroit Michigan , up to Montreal Quebec, Quebec city,Quebec Canada then back across to Bangor, Maine,fly to over to Toronto, Ontario,Canada, then my last stop before coming home LA..Sacramento,California!”
“Wow that’s quite the tour how long will you be gone?’asks Ryan
“That’s the problem it’s a two month tour!’says Annie
“What if Emma and I were to meet you in one of the stops?’asks Ryan
“That would certainly be nice!’says Annie smiling happily
“Okay then will meet you in Sacramento make sure you leave your iteranary!’
“thanks Ryan I’d really like that!’says Annie
“So where will you be moving too?asks Ryan
“I rented an apartment on Apple street.It’s a small one bedroom but it’s nice clean apartment!'
“I’ve seen those building they look nice! Do they have an intercom to buzz you in?'asks Ryan
“Yes and they are really safe !The area is very safe! Don’t worry!says Annie secretly pleased that Ryan is concerned
“ Can I come visit you there mommy ?’asks Emma
“Of course as long as Dad knows where you are!’says Annie
“Do you need any help getting your things to the apartment?’asks Ryan
“No thanks!’says Annie
“Would you like to have dinner and a movie Friday?’ asks Ryan
”That‘s tonight Ryan what if I were busy?‘say Annie
”Are you?asks Ryan
“No!’says Annie
‘ Okay then can we ?’asks Ryan
“Very well Ryan come pick me up at 7 here’s the address! says Annie handing him a piece of paper.”Goodbye sweetie see you soon” she says to Emma

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