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Part 16 -New Beginnings and New Alliances

Part 16 -New Beginnings and New Alliances
Aaron is at Emma’s front door knocking when she doesn’t answer the doorbell
“Who are you and what do you want?’ says Ryan
“Mr.Lavery I’m Aaron McGillis!’says Aaron holding out his hand
Ryan looks at him thinking that he reminds him of someone when we see them standing side by side we notice that they are very similiar in looks! Aaron looks like a younger Ryan.He sidesteps the shake but invites him into the doorway of his house!
“Oh you’re the little idiot that broke my Emma’s heart!”says Ryan
“Oh sir I hope it’s not like that I never encouraged Emma .She’s like a little sister to me !’he says just as Emma hears!
“Little sister that’s all I meant to you but we danced?’she syas angrily”And you worried that Alex would hurt me!”
“I’m sorry Emma I wouldn’t hurt you for the world but I have to be honest with you ! You are beautiful willful and sweet but if I could have a little sister she’d be like you! I can’t think of you any other way! I hope you can forgive me!I’d really like to have my best friend Emma back!’he says softly
meanwhile Ryan actually smiles at him knowing his no threat to Emma and that he has come to apologize so eloquently
‘I’m going to have to think about this of course if you don’t saeak to Kathy again I’ll forgive you!’ wheedles Emma
‘“Emma have you ever been in love truly in love where every minute you spend with someone makes you happy fit to burst!
“yes silly me I thought maybe I’d have that with you says Emma under her breath
“Well that’s how I felt when I met Kathy!She was adorable, beautiful,sweet and charming all in one package! She makes me feel so happy just five seconds with her !Can you understand that Emma?...and forgive me and Kathy!Because it wasn’t really Kathy’s fault! I need you Emma to help me and be my best friend and help me get Kathy to be my girlfriend becasue she’s loyal
she’ll never be mine as long as she thinks she’s disloyal to you!’Please Emma if yo ever cared about me be my friend!’ he pleads“Maybe I’ll forgive you and Kathy give me time to think about it and I’ll call you back!’says Emma seeming to bend a little
“Oh please Emma I want us to be friends! pleads Aaron gain giving Emma his cellphone number
‘Okay I want you as a friend and since Kathy and I have been friends since we were kids I’ll forgive her too!But don’t hurt my best friend Aaron!"Emma says
Aaron looks really relieved as Emma says “I call you later i have homework to do as she ushers himout the door.Emma then goes back up to her room takes out her computer opens a word file and starts typing! we see what she’s typing
plans to fool Kathy and take down Aaron and Kathy
Step1: Call Kathy and make up with Kathy! Make her believe it the way Aaron fell for it!
Step 2 :Get excess to cellphone and spacebook page of Kathy and Aaron
Step 3 Tamper with cellphone and spacebook pages (don’t get caught this might get you in trouble if you do!)
Step 4: Spread false rumors at school about Kathy cheating on Aaron and previous cheating on other boyfriends!(Note well : Make sure it can’t be traced to you!)
Step 5.: Talk to Spikes' Grandma she doesn't get mad she gets even.She may have some ideas but don't give yourself away with her she is an adult after all!
Step 6 :Other stuff done as needed!
“You think you can just waltz in and steal what’s mine Kathy Martin!I’ll make you so sorry you and Aaron both and when I do then he’ll forget all this friend nonsense and I’ll comfort him in my waiting arms!’says Emma”Course then I’ll dump him publicly and embarrass him the way he embarrassed me New Years Eve!”I’ll make you both pay!’ says Emma a very angry look on her face.
She picks up her cellphone and calls Kathy!
“Hi Kathy it’s Emma I’ve decided to forgive you!the heart wants what the heart wants! And just to show you what a generous person I am I’m going to make nice with Aaron and if you really want himhe’s yours !'
“Oh Emma you are the best says Kathy"you know I was almost willing to never speak to Aaron again but you didn’t make me make that choice!Thank-you Emma for being such a good friend!
Emma says “goodbye Kathy see you later! and hangs up the phone !For a minute Emma feels guilty as she stares at the phone and thinks of her friendship with Kathy but then she hears Kathy repaeat in her head”I was almost willing to never speak to Aaron again! Almost Almost I’ll give her and Aaron almost they’ll be so sorry!’ she says
Service announcement :the Author does not condone Emma’s criminal actions re spacebook and cellphone tampering !Emma will be punished at a later date!The author does not take responsibilty for any copcats!This is criminal behaviour and should not be copied unless you wish to go to jail!


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