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Part 13- Life Goes On

Part 13 -Life Goes On

Happy Valley Courthouse
Courtroom 5
“State you full name for the record!”
“Janet Willahelmina Green also I have in the past be known as Natalie Marlowe ,Jane Cox,Janet Dillon!I’m not making light here I just wanted you to know!Janet says seriously to the judge
“Oh okay says Judge Ito”Let the record know that Janet Green will be sufficent strike the others!”
“I know I’m an awful person! A lot of people have to hate me for all the awful things I did!But Judge I really wasn’t aware of what I was doing.It’s taking me alot of therapy and some really good medicine but I can honestly say I’m so sorry!Trevor was the true love of my life .He tried so hard to help me even moving us to Denver Colorodo to help me!And how did I reward him I killed him! Although I don’t remember any of this I’ve been told! I just want to say I’m so sorry for all the people I’ve hurt but especially to Trevor’s children my daughter Amanda and Timmy whom I truly loved I don’t know how you can forgive me since I can’t fogive myself but I am so truly sorry for taking your father away from all of us!
Jut then the court doors open and figure comes in it’s Trevor !He’s not dead!
“Dr.Woods? says Janet on the stand”I don’t feel well I think I’m having an epsiode I see Trevor standing there and he’s dead!

“DAD?’ shouts Tim
Daddy?’says Amnda totally shocked and not believing her eyes
”Your honor my name is Trevor Dillon!’ May I approach he bench your honor!’
Christine has gone to Janet at this point taking her to aseat to sit beside her.
“He’s still there this must be a bad one!’says Janet covering her eyes as she looks on Trevor
“Janet I think we need to hear this man out I think he might really be Trevor!’says Christine
“but everyone said I killed him then who was the porkchops?’asks Janet visibly upset but yearning and hoping that this was Trevor
“ I can explain if you let me judge! In 2005 my wife and I went to acabing in the woods near Pine Valley Pennsylvannia.I took her there to remind her of the love we had shared and to eventually visit or daughter Amanda .Janet was suffeering from her depression and her mental illness! I hoped and prayed that this trip would help but Janet grew worse.Amna arrived at our cabing the one day .It turned out it was my Uncle Cal (he was only a little older than me).He has come by the family cabin to hide out as he was wanted for murder.Finding us there he became very upset! He knew I was a cop! and he tied us up! Janet was very upset at this .He took me aside and we went into the woods where he left me to die after putting abullet in my head.shows the scar on his temple!Luckily or maybe unluckily for me the bullet grazed me.When I awoke I wondered through the woods until I was found three days later and taken to hospital!I lost my memory from the bullet wound .I got a job working as a security guard for a firm Pittsburg!I’ve been working there for the last 4 years and then I found a story on Janet and I remebered it all who I was and who she was to me!I remebered only aweek ago !I learned this yesterday!I’ve been trying to find my children but I was unable to find them and then I found this court case coming up on line and I knew this is where Janet was so I came!’And judge Iwant to take responsibilty for my wife if she’ll still have me?'
Janet comes up to Trevor touches his face
”Of course I love you!“And says is it really you Trevor?’crying
“Yes Janet honey it is!’
“but they told me I killed you I went out of my mind thinking I’d killed you!’
“You didn’t honey I’m here!I’ll always be here for you!’says Trevor
‘I’m not imagining this tell me it’s real?’ she pleads of Dr.Woods
“It’s real he’s alive but someone was killed and you said you killed them do you remember what happened now?’Christine prods
“I don’t know and then we flash to what really happened after Trevor was shot and left for dead
Janet is terrified as she manages to get her hands free from rope from behind her back she hears the gunshot as Trevor’s Uncle Cal comes in
“Your turn now !’says Cal”I hate to do this to family but I’m not going to jail!’
“what did you do to Trevor ?'Janet asks
“I killed him and left him for dead just like I’m going to do to you.Cal says as he hits Janet on the head Janet picks up poker and strucks him on the head killing him.
Janet remembers going out of her mind chopping him up with the nearby axe and then wrapping his body up like meat and storing him in the freezer,Then getting confused because she knew Trevor was dead.She blames herself if Trevor hadn’t to bring her her he’d be alive it was all her fault she killed Trevor.She crwals into a ball rocking back in forth for days.When she finally gets hungry she thinks she’s killed Trevor and she hates herself!she thinks if only she had Amanda she’d be better.she kidnaps Babe at first thinking she’s Amanda.

Janet touches Trevor’s face once again and says “It’s real he didn’t kill you! Oh thank-you God!
“this is highly irregular says Judge Ito “Dr.Woods do you still feel your patient can handle the outside world!’
“I do your honor if released to a halfway house and contiuing with her medications and therapy!’
“Then it is the judgement of this court that the defendant be released to a halfway house tomorrow for a period of three months if the defendants’ husband is then prepared to take responsibilty’says Judge Ito
“I will your honor!'says Trevor interrupting here
“then it is the judgement of this court that you will be released to the halfway house tomorrow!’
Trevor is still holding Janet as Tim and Amanda come over to him
“Daddy?’says Amanda crying
“it’s okay pumpkin it’s me it’s Daddy!’ he says taking her in his arms while reaching to with his hand to Tim
“Tim it’s so good to see you son!"says Trevor as Amanda moves over to allow Tim to also hug his dead
“I can’t believe it I’m so glad your alive Dad!’says Tim
“Me too son.Me too says Trevor
“Janet it’s time to go back to the hospital !'says Dr.Woods to Janet
“I want to stay with Trevor can’t I stay with him!’begs Janet
“no you have to go back today and then tomorrow he can visit you at the halfway house tomorrow and in three months if you stick to your health plan you can be with Trevor!’
“ I love you honey you get better and wll be together in a rocking chairs!’says Trevor
“okay I’ll do it I’ll be worthy of you Trevor!’ Janet says “I want to be with you!’I love you!’
Janet smiling through tears is taken back to the hsopital as we see Tim and Amnda talk to their Dad.
“Dad this is my wife Melissa she’s a doctor!
”I‘m very pleased to meet you!’ says Trevor
“It’s very nice to meet you too you’ve made your two children so happy!says Marissa
“Dad you should come home with us and meet your 5 grandchildren!says Tim
“You have 5 children?’Trevor asks Tim
“I have one son he’s named after you he’s 18 months and Tim has four children !’says Amanda
“Yes it seems like Amanda and I had the same idea my oldest son is Trevor Nathan and his sister Natalie they’re 4 and then we have Madeline and Owen Timothy they are two months old!”
“You had two sets of Twins wow that’s a handfulThat’s got to be confusing and now with three of us?’says Trevor
“while my Trevor is known as Nate or Nathan !'says Melissa
“well I’m really excited to be meeeting my grandchildren!Are you going to be oaky with me supporting Janet?’asks Trevor of Tim
“You’re alive I still don’t trust Janet but I’ll try for you! I’m just not going to allow her near my kids I hope you understand that?’says Tim
“Yes I do!’says Trevor “Thanks son!’I'll meet you there!'the address is ?

"450 Canyon Road! 'Dad do you want to follow us?'asks Tim

"No I'm sure Iind it with my trusty GPS!'says Trevor

"Okay but don't drive off the Canyon because that thing told you too!'says Tim half joking

"I won't !'says Trevor" I don't follow it that closely!'Bye now see you soon!'

"Bye Dad says Tim and Amanda

Radio crackes on the court officer
“Janet Green has gone missing in transit!’
“She’s at again!’says Tim
“I don’t think so Tim she wants to be with Dad she wouldn‘t have escaped so what‘s happening?Where is she who took her?asks Amanda
Someone has taken her .I just know it should we tell Dad?'asks Amanda

"Wait until he meets the children then we'll tell him!"says Tim to Amanda

"Okay but then I'm going to look for Mom we should be looking all ready someone has her!'


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