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Part 10 -Old Love New Loves Collide

Part 10-Old Love New Loves Collide

Happy Valley Mental Hospital for the Criminally InsaneDavid walks in in his lab coat screaming doctor after going through the metal detector and guards
“I’d like to see a patient please I’m Dr.David Hayward!"says David
“You’re not on the list!’ says the nurse consulting a clipboard
“I am a world reknowned cardiologist are you denying this patient the right to her cardiac health?’asks David arrogantly
“No of course not Doctor we’ve just found it necessary with this patient to keep this patient sheltered and limit visitors!’says the nurse
“Do I look like simple visitor?”asks David pumping out his chest
“No doctor!says the nurse
“I’d like Janet Dillon’s chart please!’says David
“Right away Doctor!’ says the nurse
“Thank you nurse?”says David
“ Sherri with an i!’says the nurse handing him a key card that opens the rooms
“Thanks Sherri!’says David headed to Janet’s room.Janet’s room.He opens Janet’s room and steps in the room
“Hello Janet you called ?'says David
“Oh hello Davy! you’re looking much better I thought a trip to your mother would make all things better!’says Janet
“You knew my mother was alive?’asks David incredulously
“Of course I do keep my ears open David you’d be surprised what you hear around here! Are you enjoying the time with your little girl? It’s so nice to have a daughter!” Janet says
“You know about Rose too?’says David
“Really David keep up why else do you think I sent you to your mother? You had to understand and have your own daughter in order to understand what you were doing to my Mandy was just wrong!’says Janet”now you know how a little girl should be treated!’
“Amanda isn’t little but you’re right I treated her badly!says David admitting his wrong”just why did you bring me here Janet?’asks David
”We‘ll did you hear about Palmer ?Im so sad!I’m going to really miss him!’
”Yes it was sad for a lot of people! I can‘t believe an icon like that is gone!I mean I would have believed the old devil could have cheated death but then he‘s not as nasty as Adam!”
”You have a twisted view of things Davy!’says Janet”I thought Palmer Cortlandt was the last of the true gentleman!We had a relationship you know!”
“A one night stand does not constitiute a relationship!"responds David
“Well I did stand aside for Opal sake; that poor woman was crazy about him and he seemed to need her!’she confides
“that was generous of you !”says David sarcasticly
“Yes wasn’t it!’responds Janet as if it was a compliment and then continuing
"Now David you’ve admitted you were wrong now I ahve to admit so was I!’says Janet
“You admit is was wrong to send me to Hong Kong?’asks David
“No !says Janet “I’ve done a bad bad thing and I have to tell someone!’Janet says
‘And I’m your father confessor?’asks David incredulously
“I have to tell someone and I decide that was you!’ says Janet “Who else would understand?’
“What have you done Janet ?asks David dreading the answer
“ I as really angry at what had been done to my Mandy! I trusted that boy !He was Martin he should have been the perfect husband for my Mandy!’
“What did you do Janet?’asks David sounding worried
“It started as a tiny little thing!I wanted to see her the woman who came between Amanda and Jake .She was pretty but not as pretty as my Amanda.”
“and? ...."prompts David
“I spoke to her !She semed nice she didn’t know who I was of course.I was just a stranger talking to her at the hospital!Then she told me about Amanda.She was trashing Amanda!Amanda who has never said a bad word about anyone in her life!’say Janet
“What did you do Janet?’prompts David again
‘Well not a lot at first as I said !I listened though and she wasn’t satisfied getting Jake!No she told me how she’d used her child’s illness to keep him!She didn't tell me all of it but I found out!says Janet mysteriously
“Really she said that?’says David puzzled “I thought she seemed very dedicated to her little girl!’
“Ha men she fooled you too didn’t she with her simpering I’m the perfect mother act!And you and Jake both doctor’s!’says Janet"Pretty faces they'll do it everytime!'
“What are you getting at Janet what do you know about Carolyn ?says David his eyes narrowing
“She was one of those mommy’s you know like that woman in that hit film!’
“What film are you talking about Janet?’asks David trying to follow her
“You know the one with the little boy and the ghosts ! I remember it’s called Six Sense!says Janet
“Nonsense if she were doing something to that child we’d know!Hapy Valley has some of the best doctors on staff in the world!”says David
“She has that what’s it called Munchausen by proxy!”says Janet
“You just heard the syndrome watched an little movie and thought okay she has it?’says David
“No actually Davy I saw her do it when she thought no one was looking!’says Janet
“Okay I’ll bite what did she do?’asks David
“She injected Ruth with her own urine and feces!”says Janet
“And you say you saw this? Thank god that nasty woman is dead!’ says David
“That’s the thing I’ve been trying to tell you David!says Janet”I cut her break line!’
“You what? You cut her break line but she was talking on her cellphone and went through a red light!’
“I don’t knowhow I’m going to live with myself ! says Janet”I killed those innocent girls !I made those poor woman cry for their babies!’
“I take it your not taking about Carolyn’s mother?’says David
“No that woman nursed that viper at her breast but Corinna and Tina they seemed like nice girls!
I’m such an awful person!”says Janet’you know I killed the love of my life too!’
“Janet I can’t begin to understnd how bad you feel bad about Trevor! But you weren’t responsible you weren’t in your right mind!’ says David generously
“That’s really generous of you Davy!says Janet “but in taking out that viper that evil menance who hurt that little baby I killed innocents!
“ Janet your going to have to forgive yourself ! You saw that she was an evil woman and you got rid of her not what I would have done but I understand!says David
“You do don’t you David Iknew I was right to call you! you probably would have just drugged her and said she died naturally maybe I should have called you!’says Janet
“Janet just because I understand why you needed to take this action doesn’t mean I agree with your choices!’says David
“So do you think I should call Jesse then?’asks Janet
“No let them all have their illusions that hypocrites! Let them think Carolyn was a Saint that she killed herself and those girls and mourn her!Don’t tell anyone else what you’ve done!says David slyly
‘Really Davy you don’t think I should let them know!Cause that Mike Roy is sniffing around!’
“Mike Roy, Erica’s ex the spy? What does he have to with this?’
“Well it seems that he’s Carolyn’s other secret !’You know that truck driver she was suppose to have run off with while she was really running to Mike! And she lived with him until Ruth got sick !she was sick from that disease but also from what Carolyn did to her!I think he was wise to her and was ready to turn her in!She figured it out and goes running to Jake!But if he finds out that the breaks were cut he’ll come after me!’says Janet
“Maybe he won’t look into it anymore the Happy Valley police have closed the case they think Carolyn on the cellphone caused the accident!says David
“From your lips to Mike’s ears!’says Janet
“Is this all you wanted Janet?’asks David
“Well I also wanted some titillating conversation the people around her are so boring!’ says Janet
“So why did you come anyway?’
“I was curious!’says David and maybe a little bored
“ You know David we could be a match made in heaven!’ says Janet coming on to David
“ Janet your too much woman for me!’ says David laughing and then under his breath more like a match in he.l.l.!
“you betcha David! says Janet”I’m too much woman for alot of men!’
“I’ve got to go Janet but you can call me and if I have time I’ll come visit you but no more escapes okay!’say David generously and wanting to keep an eye on her
“Oh Davy you do care! Just kidding!' she says as David blanches” I’ll be good no more escapes for now !Now that my Mandy is safe!’says Janet
“That’s all I can ask!’ says David “Bye Janet!’
“Bye Davy !'then as he has left she says to herself"Maybe I wasn’t totally wrong bout that guy !

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