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Part 3-Old Love New Loves Collide

Part 3-Old Love New Loves Collide

Kathy’s clock alarm comes on with the local news waking her up.she looks at her clock and realizes she set it wrong it’s only 3am She hears this just in six teens were involved in an accident with a woman and child.More updates on this story later.She goes to go back to bed when she hears the phone ring and answers it.
Flashback to the hospital after the crash six hours ago.The staff is waiting for the victims! Jake is prepared as is Melissa and Angie.David has also been called in and is on his way.The first victim arrives a blonde girl clinging to life.We see blue socks on her feet.The second victim arrives another blonde girl with red socks.both victims faces are unrecognizable.Jake works on the girl with the red socks she flatlines and dies.
“Nurse paddles” Jake says as he stops compressions 1-100 2-100 3-100 then he tries to bring her back with paddles.Time of death 3am! says Jake sadly’has anyone identified this girl?’ he asks
“It’s Colby Chandler!’ says the nurse
“What did you say?’ says Jake hoping he heard wrong
“It’s Colby Chandler!’ says the nurse again puzzled
Jake almost drops to his knees crying
The nurse says “I’m sorry Doctor did you know her?”
“Once upon a time I thought she was my daughter! Oh Colby why?”he says wiping away his tears and standing up.Starring at the victim who is wearing a saphire bracelet her clothes put in a bag nearby .Jeans a red shirt and blue sweater with read socks!
In the other room Melissa and staff work on the blonde girl with blue socks she is in critical condition but they get her stabilized!”we read on her chart patients name Tina Michaels!
“Nurse get this patient to the intensive care!’ says Melissa taking off her gloves
“Enzo and Max are brought in and taken to seperate rooms!they work on the boys seperately
Max is fighting hard but has seroius hea injuries as Melissa attends to him! David working on Enzo and noticing his noticable alcohol fumes says
“Was the blood work taken for this patient order a blood alchol test!”
“Yes doctor right away says the nurse who passes a police officer Brot Monroe outside the door Brot asks”Was a blood test taken for his alcohol levels
“Yes officer Munroe!’ says the nurse looking at Brot’s name tag”I’m putting a rush on it!
“Thank- you says Brot his mega watt smile filling up our screens
“Wow that police officer is really cute despite his scars!'says the nurse leaving to another nurse
“Scars what scars? I’ll I see is a fine looking man!’ says the other nurse
“And he’s taken !'says Natalia over hearing them
“Wow wasn’t she huffy all the good ones are taken!’”says the first nurse
Natalia says to Brot
“there was two fatalitities on scene!’
“oh no that’s awful I’m sorry you had to go through that !’says Brot
“I have to notify the next of kin!’I‘ve allready told the girls‘ mother but the other one I have to notify their family and their next of kin is here!‘
“I wish I could help you but the kid that was driving .The one that caused the accident he is in there and I’m waiting on the blood tests!
“How is he ?’
“He’s actually pretty bad! Like all the kids in the accident critical.One of them has died Brot says sadly his voice filled with sorrow
“Oh no they were just kids!Whch one was it?’
“One of the young blonde girls!Not sure which one!’says Brot
“One of them was Colby Chandler! Adam Chandler‘s daughter! You‘ve met her!”says Natalia
“No I didn’t recognize her as either !”says Brot”Are you sure one of them was Colby Chandler’
“yes unfortunately!’ says Natalia
“Why unfortunately it’s terrible that any of them were in an accident!’says Brot
“Yes but this is going to be media circus no matter what!’says Natalia and if the dead girl is Colby we’ll have her family as well to deal with!”then seeing a nurse Natalia says “Do you know where I can find Dr.Jake Martin?”
“In there she says pointing to the doctor’s lounge
Jake is drinking a coffee and wndering where Carolyn got to with his burger!
“Hello Jake “says Natalia
“Can this wait I need five minutes I just had to prounounce my daughter dead says Jake thinking of Colby that way
“But she was fine they said the little girl was fine!’says Natalia upset
“What are you talking about I was talking about Colby Chandler! I thought she was my little girl once!asks Jake puzzled but starting to fear what he’ll hear
‘Jake there’s no east way to stay this !The car that the teens hit it was Carolyn!’says Natalia
“So when did they bring her in what OR is she in? asks Jake
“Jake she’s dead she was pronounced dead at the scene!”
“I can fix her just bring her here!’ says Jake
“Jake do you want me to call Tad for you?’asks Natalia
“Why she’s going to be okay she came back to me!I gave up Amanda and Trevor for her!”
“Jake I’m so sorry !says Natalia”Ruth is okay though she was strapped into her car seat properly.They have her on the children’s floor.”
“Ruth was in the car ?’asks Jake that fact sinking in
“she’s okay Jake!’says Natalia reassuringly
“Ihave to go to them!’says Jake
“Jake let me call Tad for you!”Natalia says
“where is Carolyn?’ Jake asks
“They took her to the morgue!’ says Natalia
Jake slides down the wall slowly at this and just sits there.
Natalia takes out her cellphone and calls Tad’s home phone
“Kathy Martin here how can I help you? Kathy answers terrified after she heard that report taking the portable phone and checking on Jenny as she talks
“Kathy this is officer Natalia Fowler can I speak with your Dad please ?’Natalia asks
“Just a minute I’ll have to wake him !'says Kathy her fear rising
“Dad your wanted on the phone!’ Kathy says gently shaking Tad
Tad wakes slowly and says “What ,what do you want Kathy it’s the middle of the night!’
“Daddy your wanted on the phone it’s Natalia Jesse’s daughter!’says Kathy
“Natalia what can I do for you?’Tad asks as Natalia proceeds to tell him about Carolyn and how Jake needs him
“I’ll be there in 10 minutes!’ says Tad and then to Kathy he says reaching for the words "I have to go to your Uncle Jake it's bad Carolyn er Carolyn she's dead!"
"oh Daddy don't worry go I'll look after Jenny and I'll tell her when she gets up!says Kathy maturely
"Thanks pumpkin I love you!
"I love you too Kathy!says Tad "bye now!"


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