Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Part 19 -Life Goes On

Part 19 -Life Goes On
Janet awakes from a deep drug fueled sleep! She’s tied to a chair
“What were am I?’I hope you’re happy whoever you are you’re going to ruin everything!’ says Janet
“Hello Janet do you know who I am’asks the voice
“Gee what name would you like?asks Janet “Fred Court,Philip Brent (wonder what the real one thought about that?)Hal Wentwood,no how about you real name Michael(Mike) Roy? or is that an alias too?
‘So you know who I am? Mike says coming closer to Janet
“Blah bla blah journalist by day ,spy by night want to know anything else?Or can I get back to my life? Thanks to you I have a lot of fixing to do!’
“Why Janet why?’asks Mike
“Why what? Can you get to the point? Is this your example of spy interrogation techniques because they aren’t working!says Janet
‘Janet what am I to do with you?’asks Mike
“Gee I don’t know set me free because I got places to go people to see!’says Janet
“Janet I want to know why you killed her?’says Mike
“killed who?’asks Janet
“Carolyn Finn Martin remember her ?Why did you kill her?’asks Mike
“I could deny that I killed her but I‘d be lying!I could have ruined her memory but I didn’t
doesn’t that get me points?’asks Janet
“Janet why did you kill her?’asks Mike frustrated with Janet’s answers
“She was evil a twisted root!’Better to cut it off at the root!’
“What are you talking about Janet!’asks Mike”Carolyn was a wonderful warm charming person!”
“Yes about as charming as eel!says Janet
“Janet explain this to me what are you talking about?’
“Carolyn Finn(I refuse to call her Martin)because those people are good and decent! ”
“How dare you? says Mike
“I dare because I saw the twisted viper she was!’says Janet forcefully
‘Why are you calling her names what nonsense have you dreamed up to justify your crime!’
“Nonsense funny that you should mention that Mikey!’says Janet ”Nonsense sounds like something out of childhood ring any bells for you Michael?”
“What the devil are you talking about Janet?’asks Mike
“Simple deduction Dr.Watson!Simple deduction one plus one is two!’says Janet
“Explain this to me in terms I can understand
Okley dokley she was one of those mommy’s you know like that woman in that hit film!’”says Janet
“What film?says Mike
“Six Sense!’says Janet
“I don’t believe I saw that film!’says Mike
“You’ve got to be kidding it was a hit movie with Bruce Willis and a child that can see ghosts!”
“I didn’t see it what does that movie have to do with Carolyn?’
“Well in the film a little girl ghost tells the little boy that her mommy murdered her she had Munchausen by proxy!that’s where the mommy wants so much attnetion for herself she makes her child ill to get it! so this woman poisoned her child!”
“Oh Janet your mixed up this was all because you watched a movie and thought Carolyn was that woman!’
" Nope I have the proof Mike I taped her after watching her hurt that child!I planted a stuffed bear that filmed her foul act!'
"What are you claiming she did Janet?'
"She took her urine and injected into Ruth and she also injected her waste!She was a viper with two faces.The pretty face she howed to you and Jake and the face she turned on poor little Ruth!that poor baby no wonder she was sick!'
“Where is this video Janet ?’asks Mike
“Now if I tell you and it’s true are you going to keep your mouth shut and return me to the hospital and explain the goverment needed me for testimony?asks Janet
“I don’t believe aword of this but yes if it’s true I’ll return you to the hospital on the condition you never do anyhting like this again!’
“I know in killing her I killed those innocent children I’ve had terrible nightmares about that!’ says Janet remorsefully
“So where can I find the video!’
“It’s hidden in the warehouse on Bright street!’says Janet
“What warehouse Janet?’
“That warehouse you know the one where the old rubber factory was!’
‘If I found out this is a trick!says Mike with menace in his voice
“It isn’t she really was evil I’m sorry I know How much you cared about her!’
“I'll be back soon !I'm warning you tell the truth now and I'll go easier on you!'
"I guess you'll have to find out for yourself Mikey the truth hurts!says Janet still tied to the chair as Mike slams the door!Janet squirms this way and that way the chair tips over and surprisingly enough she’s now free!
“Can’t hold a good woman down Mike but I’ll just be a good little girl and wait here for you .Poor dear you’re going to need a woman’s comforting touch! I’m going to have to find you somebody since I’m taken my Trevor’s back! But I’m going to have to insist you straighten out the mess you made!I'm almost free to be with my man nothing going to mess that up especially not you!

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