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Part 7 -Old Love New Loves Collide

Part 7 -Old Love New Loves Collide
the day dawns of Corinna ,Carolyn and Colby’s funerals

Corinna's at 10 am!
The flowers are on the coffin lovely red roses with a big picture of Corinna near the coffin
Corinna’s mother and father are there .Mr.Sanchez and Mrs.Sanchez greet the people coming in! Emma comes in with Ryan ,Kathy,Jenny and Tad arrive ,followed by Dre Woods and his father Samuel who flew in for Corinna’s funeral followed by their band mate Ren!
everyone is crying and they say goodby to Corinna!Emma gets up at the podium
“I was blessed to know Corinna.She looked after me so much when I was younger and she was like a big sister to me ! I loved Corinna she was sweet and sensitive Emma pauses here trying not to break down and gulping for air”she was never afraid to tell me when I made a mistake and only a few weeks ag she did just that
Flashback to Corinna talking to Emma before she talks to Tad ,Kathy and Aaron
“I’m so disppointed in you Emma Lavery ! I can’t believe the little girl I looked after and taught has turned into one of those mean girls I despised!says Corinna
“I’m sorry! Emma says
“sometimes Sorry isn’t enough Emma!You hurt people you said were friends!You’ve got a long way back to restore your reputation and have people trust you again!That means now you have to take a lot of abuse to prove that you are trustworthy and won’t stab a friend in the back!’says Corinna
“I knew what I was doing was wrong but it’s like there was a little devil in side me saying do it do it!’ says Emma
“And that’s the time you have to say to yourself is this really what I want to do and if it hurts others won’t it eventually hurt me!says Corinna
“What am I going to do Corinna I could go to jail!’says Emma
“This is what your going to do!says Corinna “you’re going to
1.Admit you were wrong and what you did
2.You are going to except whatever punishment Aaron and Kath suggest and fall on their mercy
3.Never ever do this again promise me on our friendship you'll never ever become this person again you'll remember the fear that you have right now and you'll say I won't become that person
“I ‘ll do that Corinna I promise on our friendship I'll do all of those things!
Back to Corinna’s funeral
“I couldn’t have asked for abetter friend or mentor!The world is missing someone very special in losing Corinna.God bless you Corinna let choirs of angels sing you to your rest!says Emma her voice finally breaking at the end and tears coming down her face!Everyone is crying as the pallbearers take out the coffin

Flash to two hours later and Carolyn’s funeral

Her coffin is also draped with red roses and white ones and cards from Jake and little Ruth
Carolyn’s funeral is very private! Ruth and Joe are there.Jenny Kathy and Tad!Krystal is watching Ruth!Jake looks devastated in black as Amanda bursts in and says to Jake
“Oh Jake I just heard I am so sorry! No matter what I never wished her dead!’and then hugs him and seats down for the funeral beside Tad and his girls.
Jake begins speaking and says
“I met Carolyn in Pine Valley we married and went to the Sudan! She nursed and my side and we saw some horrific things but she helped so many people survive!Although we were separated for awhile our beautiful daughter Ruth brought us back together!She was a wonderful caring mother to our daughter Ruth and a loving wife.We will miss you Carolyn Jake says his voice breaking as tears flow freely!Just as he’s saying this a man comes in !It’s Mike Roy Erica’s former lve and Spy extraordinare he was the man whom Carolyn had left Jake for!
Mike goes to the coffin places a rose on it and then goes to leave but Jake stops him!Saying “you!You killed her if she hadn’t been talking on the phone to you she’d be alive! Tad breaks it up and Says “Leave this is a private family funeral and you’re not welcome!’
Mike decides to spare their feelings nad leave but secretly follows them to the gravesite where he says his goodbye’s behind a tree!

3 pm Colby’s funeral

Adam is being supported by Krystal who has taken Ruth back to Opal.Jr. comes in with Marissa and looks like he’s hasn’t slept in days!
Adam and Jr. stare at the picture of Colby heartbroken lost in grief!Melissa comes in with Tim to support her sister! Little Jenny comes with Kathy and Tad to support their brother and mourn her sister Colby.Haley comes in with Matteo and sits down setting her phone to vibrate!Erica is there with Jackson ! Brooke comes in with Brad Hewitt! Angie and Jesse Natalia and Brot,Frankie and Randi, Opal and Palmer,Jenny and Greg, Jaime and Paulina ,Dottie and T.J.,come in and sit with Tad!At the last minute Maddie enters with Pete and quickly takes a seat!followed by Jake and Amanda
As the service begins J.R. gets up to speak about his sister
“My sister,Colby. was fun loving and most of all giving! She would give someone the shirt off her back if they needed it .a lot of people aren’t aaware of this but Colby spent a lot of volunteer hours at the Miranda center helping others !She was just starting out in life studying taking some business courses and clothing design .She’d found a place for her shop and was about to open next month her own clothing shop!Chandler’s fine clothing!”his voice breaks here and he glups for composure”she was a treasure a gift to our family we will miss her laughter !he concludes wiping away tears.Adm gets up to take his palce taking out his speech on paper so he wouldn’t stumble over is words and do his duaghter justice
Just then a woman bursts into the church we see its the woman at he chapel who was praying for Tina
“Stop this stop the funeral says Mrs,Michaels
“Who is this woman? Have you no compassion this is my daughter’s funeral says Adam “How dare you!”
“I dare because that’s not your daughter in that box !That’s my Tina! she says bursting into wailing sobs
“We hear different people yell out in shock “What!’ over all the church!
Jesse goes to the woman and gets the story

Two hours earlier at the hospital
The woman we think is Tina has just awoke but her jaw is wired shut!Bandages cover her nose and most of her face!Tina’s mother cries tears of joy and says
“Oh Tina my baby your awake!I’m so glad you’re awake !It’s goignt ot be okay baby yourin the hospital!
Colby tries to talk to tell Mrs.Michaels she’s Colby but can’t because of the jaw wiring!She motions for a pen but Mrs.Michaels can’t seem to understnad her !She fumbles around looking for the callbell trying to get someoen other than this crazy woman who insists she’s Tina.She find sit and presses it the nurse comes in checks her vitals while Colby keeps motioning for pad and paper finally an hour afer she had awoken the nurse finally clues in and hands her it!Colby writes
I am not Tina! I am Colby Chandler!!!
The nurse reads this and is extremely worried she has misunderstood.”Are you saying you are Colby Chandler ?asks the nurse handing back the pen and paper
Colby nods Yes and writes YES!
Mrs.Michael’s looks at Colby in horror and realizes that this is Colby not Tina as she looks again and that Tina is dead!She starts crying loudly
“where is my family?’ asks Colby on the paper which makes Mrs.Micheal’s realize the Chandler’s are about to bury hr daughter as Colby and that though she’s suffering they desrve to know their child their sister is alive she rushes to the church as the nurse tells Colby hse will call her family trying to figure out how to tell them Colby is alive!
“She’s alive she ‘s really alive says Adam
“Yes she is Dad!’says J.R. through tears of joy
Adam collapses in joy and stress and they have to call an ambulance.!J.R. insists on going in the ambulance to be with his Dad and get to Colby quicker .When they get to the hospital Adam recovers and is wheeled to Colby’s room where he takes his daughter in his arms!And says
“thank -you God!"
J.R enters the room and hugs his sister gently saying “Welcome back little sister! You gave us quite a scare !’
back to the church where most of the people have left
Jake says ‘ Thank God for small mercies! thank you God for Colby !’ and then soberly he says “but that doesn’t bring back Carolyn ,Corinna or Tina they are all gone!”
God bless them all and take them in his loving arms!Amen!'
As the church service breaks up .We see Mrs.Michaels and Jake has taken her aside and offered to take her home which she excepts gratefully leaning on Jake!

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