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Part 25 -New Beginnings and New Alliances-The Reckoning*4

Part 25 -New Beginnings and New Alliances-The Reckoning*4

Tad’s house they are discussing and signing the agreement for restitution Emma has made
Aaron comes back with the agreement which Emma signs and then she with her parents watching goes on spacebook and .writes the message Kathy specified
“Remember Emma your community service starts tomorrow! says Aaron”I’ve all ready signed you up for 9am!”
“9 am but it’s Saturday I wanted to sleep in!’ complains Emma
“You have to go Emma it’s in the agreement you signed!’ says Aaron
“I’ll drive you and drop you off !'says Ryan generously
“Fine then I’ll do my time because I am sorry!”says Emma dramaticly
Ryan takes Tad aside before he and Kathy leaves and thanks him and Kathy .He also asks Tad how to put parental controls on and Tad instructs him to get Emma to dial into her spacebook so Ryan can change the password so she doesn’t know what it is.Ryan does that immediately while Tad watches!
After Tad leaves Kaitlin says “I guess it’s time to call Jesse and turn myself in!
Ryan calls Jesse who comes over quickly
“So Ryan what was so all important that you had to take me from my wife and her pot roast?'
asks Jesse
“Three things!’ says Ryan”one annie want to file spousal abse charges against Scott we’v taken pictures of the bruisng he did to her!She even has bruised ribs and a black eye!And two Scott has confessed to Annie he killed his father not Adam.”
“What is this more of Annie’s craziness?’asks Jesse
“No it’‘s true Jesse says Annie coming into the room her eye now bright purple and discolored.
“Did you do that to yourself?’ asks Jesse
“I know I don’t have the greatest track record Jesse but swear on Emma’s life that Scott hit me and told me he killed his father!’
“That’s going to be mighty hard to prove especiallly since Adam was let off for reasons of incapacity!”
“Can’t I at least keep him away from Emma and I by putting him in jail for beating me?’asks Annie scared
“if you can’t get a doctor to certify that those bruises couldn’t have come from you!’I guess then I could arrest Scott!’says Jesse
“I can testify to that!’ says Caitlin
“Okay then I can issue an arrest warrant for Scott Chandler !'Jesse says as he calls it in on his radio!
“Anything else Ryan or can I get back to Angie’s pot roast?’asks Jesse just as his radio Calls back that Scott Chandler has been apprehended
”that‘s done you should be safe now Annie!” says Jesse”anything else that pot roast is calling my name!‘
“There is something else Chief Hubbard when I was 13 my father was very very drunk as he often was and he assaulted me and tried to kill me I fought back and when he tried to kill me and my brother Jonathan !I hit him with a poker and killed him! The police thought he had been hit on the head somewhere else and marked it an unsoved homicide but I killed him!’admits Caitlin
the wrods pouring out in a torrent
“Okay when your father hit you how big were you?’asks Jesse
“I was about 4ft 11inches and weighed about 75 lbs !’says Caitlin
“And your father how big was he?’asks Jesse
“He was 6ft 2 inches and he weighed 250!’answers Cailtin
“And he was beating you ?Did you have to have any injuries treated?’asks Jesse
“I had a broken cheekbone and eye socket that was repaired in the hospital,three broken ribs and a broken left arm!
“Oh my god Caitlin you’re lucky to be alive!’ says Ryan hearing this
“Ryan’s right it was a clear case of self defence! No cop in his right mind would lay charges .You were a child and the worst possible abuse was heaped on you and you fought back to save your life and your brothers! No jury would ever convict you for that Caitlin.Rest easy!Nice meeting you Ms,Lavery!'Jesse says about to leave
“it’s actually Dr.Caitlin McGillis!says Caitlin through tears of joy and relief”Nice to meet you too Chief Hubbard
“My friends call me Jesse!” he says
“Jesse then and thank-you enjoy your post roast!’says Caitlin
“Will do!”Bye!’ says Jesse leaving
“Goodbye Jesse!’says Caitlin
“I’m going up to bed !'says Emma form the corner where she’s been hiding and listening “I’ve got a long day tomorrow!”goodnight Aunt Caitlin
Goodnight Emma" says Aaron,Annie .,Caitlin, and Ryan say annoyed
“Aaron I will be going now Ryan see you soon big brother”Caitlin says ”I‘ll see myself out!‘
“See you soon sis!' says Ryan happily”Come on Annie I’ll show you where you can rest your head says Ryan to an exhausted Annie.Ryan half carries her up the stairs to the room and tucks her into the bed! Turning out the light and smiling at her before leaving and going to his room
He says"goodnight Queen Annie!'


Part 26 -New Beginnings and New Alliances-The Reckoning*5
Happy Valley High
“There she is that’s Emma Lavery!’ says a girl with some others passing Emma ponting and whispering and laughing at Emma
”Did you hear her confess what she did? What a backstabbing boyfriend stealing friend.Ha friend that girl doesn‘t know how to be anyones friend !
Then more students walk by ointing and whispering
“My life sucks” says Emma to herself closing her locker as more people go by walking down the hall.”there never going to forget this! And yesterday was awful looking after those children at hte Miranda Center.One of them put gum in my hair!’ “I hate my life!’
“Hi Emma!’says a voice near by
“Kathy you’re talking to me?’asks Emma
“Yes !your trying to make up for what you did aren’t you?’say Kathy
“Have you actually forgiven me?asks Emma incredulously looking like a beaten puppy
“Well not entirely you still have to prove to me that you can be a good friend but... ”
“Oh Kathy you’re the best friend ever and I will make this up to you and Aaron if he’ll let me!’
says Emma throwing her arms around Kathy and hugging her.
“Ah Hi Kathy!’ says Aaron coming up behind them
‘Hi Aaron you’re speaking to me too?’Emma asks hoping
“Yes,Kathy is making me but maybe I’d do it on my own!’ he corrects after a look from Kathy
“Why are you both here?’Did I forget to do something ?’asks Emma
“We decided says Kathy elbowing Aaron “to walk with you to your class! I’ll hold your one arm while Aaron holds the other!’
“You’d do that for me after all I did to you?’ says Emma crying”I’m so sorry!I really will never do this to anyone ever again!’
“Just see that you do that !says Aaron”Hopefully people seeing us together will make them realize your not such a bad person cuz!
“Thank -you both of you!’ I know I don’t deserve your kindness but I swear I’ll make it up to both of you!’says Emma
End of New Alliances and New Beginnings
Up next into all lives even Happy Valley comes sorrow!

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