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Part 12 -Life Goes On

Part 12 -Life Goes On
Part 12 -Life Goes On

Happy Valley Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane
Dr.Christine Woods is taking to Janet
“Well it seems you’ve made excellent progress Janet!’
“Thank you Dr.Woods I’ve been taking the new medicines and they are working! I don’t have all those mixed up feelings anymore! I can think clearly and I’m able to distinguish what constitutes wrong!’
“Do you understand there is a hearing today to determine if you can be moved to a halfway house?’
“Oh yes and I think I’m ready for that step!I know that if I do take that step that I have to take my meds and follow a set pattern everyday and if for nay reason I’m feeling confused i have to contact you or your service!’says Janet
“Well that’s wonderful I’m sure you’ll be happy to know I’ll be testifying that I think you’re ready for this step.’says Dr.Woods
“I wonder do you think they’ll let me apologize ?’says Janet biting her lip
“Oh Janet I think they’d be happy to let you do that! This shows definite progress and they will take that into account when they hear this!’says Dr.Woods thrilled that Janet seems to be taking responsibility for her actions

Happy Valley Courthouse
Courtroom 5
Tim and Melissa are there.
“I can’t believe your sister is defending Janet !'says Tim
“Marissa was asked to take the choice she tried to refuse but the firm she’s with said it could be her job if she did! they alos offered her more time off once this is done and you know she needs that!'
“Yes I guess he couldn’t refuse but what if she wins?'asks Tim
“well Marissa has to do her best will just have to hope if she gets out that the halfway house will make sure she behaves!
“mom is so much better!’ says Amanda to Tim
All rise the honorable Judge Ito presiding”says the baliff“Court is in session please be seated!
The Commonwealth of California versus Janet Green a hearing to decide if the plaintiff Janet Green is competent and can be released from Happy Valley Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane.
I will hear the evidence for the release and/ or the evidence for keeping the prisoner in custody of the prisoner !Counsellors!
“Your honor my client was very ill when she committed those hideous crimes but she has spent a lot of time in custody being treated.Finding the right medicines has been the key!I call Dr.Christine Wood to the stand!’ says Marissa defending Janet
“Do you swear to tell the truth and the whole truth and nothing but so swear you God?asks the Judge
“I do!’ says Christine
“State you full name for the record!”
”Dr.Colleen Christine Woods
“Now Dr.Wood’s you’ve been the primary doctor on Janet’s case since she was moved to Happy Valley is that true?’
“Yes that’s is true!’says Christine
‘And have you felt the defendant Janet Green has sufficiently recovered to be allowed in society?’asks Marissa
“I do!With the newmedication she‘s is cognizant of her crimes and is very remorseful’
‘Thank you your witness counselor!’ says Marissa
“Are you telling the court that this plantiff wil never commit a crime again?’asks Jack
“No one could predict that! says Christine”but I can tell you as long as this patient stays on the medicines prescribed and continues to see a doctor I doubt whether any other episodes will occur!”
“Thank-you doctor that will be all!’says Jack
“Is that all counsellor?asks the judge of Marissa
“No your honor my client would like to make a statement before judgement is rendered if the court pleases!’states Marissa
“Okay go ahead!’says the judge
“Do you swear to tell the truth and the whole truth and nothing but so swear you God?asks the Judge of Janet
“I do!’
“State you full name for the record!”
“Janet Willahelmina Green also I have in the past be known as Natalie Marlowe ,Jane Cox,Janet Dillon!I’m not making light here I just wanted you to know!Janet says seriously to the judge
“Oh okay says Judge Ito”Let the record know that Janet Green will be sufficent strike the others!”
“I know I’m an awful person! A lot of people have to hate me for all the awful things I did!But Judge I really wasn’t aware of what I was doing.It’s taking me alot of therapy and some really good medicine but I can honestly say I’m so sorry!Trevor was the true love of my life .He tried so hard to help me even moving us to Denver Colorodo to help me!And how did I reward him I killed him! Although I don’t remember any of this I’ve been told! I just want to say I’m so sorry for all the people I’ve hurt but especially to Trevor’s children my daughter Amanda and Timmy whom I truly loved I don’t know how you can forgive me since I can’t fogive myself but I am so truly sorry for taking your father away from all of us!
Jut then the court doors open and figure comes in it’s Trevor !He’s not dead!
“Dr.Woods? says Janet on the stand”I don’t feel well I think I’m having an epsiode I see Trevor standing there and he’s not dead!
Gasps from the courtroom as people turn around again and see Trevor standing there!

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