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Part 24 -New Beginnings and New Alliances-The Reckoning*3

Part 24 -New Beginnings and New Alliances-The Reckoning*3
“Daddy s mommy all right asks Emma reverting back to a childish state
“Your mother will be okay I won’t let anything happen to her!says Ryan
“Just like in the stories Mommy used to write about Princess Emaline?’asks Emma
“Yes !'says Ryan comforting his daughter
“I heard what Mommy said Scott hurt her and he killed Stuart not Adam?”asks Emma not wanting to believe she heard it right
“That’s what your mother says and frankly I’m starting to believe it’s true it makes sense !’says Ryan
“Why do you say that Daddy?’asks Emma
“Scott has been acting odd since it happened !He quickly marries your mother probably because he thinks she knows and what better way to protect himself then have his witness not be able to testify against him.He always was too nice it’s not like he was Stuart’s flesh and blood that he should act exactly like Stuart!I few times I saw glimmers of anger but he hid it well!Your poor mom though she married him and she’s having his child!’But don‘t you worry we‘ll get him arrested he won‘t hurt you or your mother as long as you have me!
“Poor mommy you know I think she only married Adam then Scott because she needed someone to believe in her!’says Emma thoughtfully
“I did that to her!’ says Ryan’I was a heel I promised her the moon and then I ripped the rug right from under her when Greenlee came back into my life.And for what Greenlee was just using me as a substitute.The shoes on the other foot now for me I understand what I did to your mother!And why couldn’t I have just stayed happy with your mom I don’t know! Your mom so loving and loyal!
“Do you think you could ever love Mom again ?'"asks Emma hopefully
“Emma that boat has sailed !'says Ryan but when Annie enters the room his eyes light up like old times and he smiles at her and helps her to a seat.
“Emma I heard what you did!’ Annie begins “And I’m not happy at all about this and neither is your father.Do you understand what you did is criminal?’she asks of Emma
“I know what I did was very very wrong and I really sorry doesn’t that count ?’asks Emma
just as Tad who has been ushered in the room by Caitlin comes in followed by Kathy and Aaron.
“Sorry isn’t enough Emma Lavery you ruined my life!’ complains Kathy thinking that Emma was trying to wheedle out of it with her parents
“Kathy I’m the nastiest back stabbing friend in the world and if you could ever find it in your heart ot forgive me I really appreciate it!’says Emma pleading
“and why should she Emma Lavery?’”you pretended that you were okay with us being together when all you wanted to do was destroy Kathy and I simply because I prefered her over you because I couldn’t think of you as anything but family.I realize you didn’t know I was your cousin but really Emma your not always going to get whoever and whatever you want!’says Aaron disgusted with Emma
“She’s your cousin why didn’t you tell me?’ says Kathy shocked and hurt
“I couldn’t tell you it wasn’t my secret to tell !My mom wanted to talk to Ryan first and since she’s done so now I can tell!’Aaron explains to Kathy
“okay I guess...you can tell me more about that later !’says Kathy
‘Will you two forgive me and not put me in jail?’asks Emma scared
“Well I guess we could!’ says Kathy tentatively”what do you think Aaron?’
“Well I don’t think she shouldn't get away with no punishment!’
“Me either says Kathy ‘she does deserve to be punished.
“Okay I guess I deserve some punishment!’saays Emma”what do you think it should be?’
“Number 1 a public apology right Kathy says Aaron
“Two I think !says Kathy
“And that’s all right !'says Emma sighing with relief
“No I don’t think so!’ says Kathy’That would make this to easy and you’d just do it again to me or someone else!”
“What then?’asks Emma screechingly
Kathy looks at her Dad for help and he says to Ryan and Annie
“What do you and Annie say to limited use of the internet .Emma can only use the internet undersupervision by Ryan or Annie for a period of say six months for school projects only?’asks Tad
“That’s not fair!' says Emma
“We think that’s quite fair!’ says Ryan speaking for himself and Annie as Annie nods in agreement and Emma stamps her foot.
“There will be no more of that foot stamping Emma Lavery”Ryan says "you really are getting off lightly"
“Yes too lightly!’ says Aaron “I haven’t told you my conditions!’
“What are they?’asks Emma biting her lip
“I want you to do communtiy service if you were sentenced for your crime you might do communtity service if you didn’t go to jail!’says Aaron
“I’m not doing any stupid community service! No way!’ says Emma
“It’s that or I press charges!’says Aaron
“But your family family doesn’t send family to jail!’ protests Emma
“Ir didn’t stop you from hurting the person you said was your best friend and your other friend who was really your cousin did it?’says Aaron angrily
“I’m really sorry Aaron!’says Emma
“I know you are that’s why Kathy and I are giving you a break and not pressing charges!But the community service shows that you’re thinking about what you did wrong and helping others!’Aaron says
“Where would I do community service I don’t have to pick up garbage do I?’ask Emma horrified that she might have to.
“The Miranda center need help with babysitting you babysit and helpout there for 500 hours and your free and clear !'says Aaron
“After you go on spacebook and write this I will be unavailable for six months as an apology to Aaron and Kathy whom I maligned and lied about!I am very sorry!"
“I can’t write that that’s social suicide!’ says Emma
“You’ll write that and you will publicly apologize at school too !says Kathy ‘People I know were coming up to me and asking me if I was pregnant and if I was keeping the baby because of my so called best friend !You will do this!says Kathy angry
“I’m sorry your right I’ll do it !’says Emma
“Yes you will you’ll meet all of these conditions because if you don’t the information and proof goes to Jesse Hubbard the chief of police and he will prosecute you he’ll have no other choice cousin !’says Aaron
“Okay okay I’ll do it !’says Emma
“and just so you’ll do all this I’ve been typing this up on my laptop!Do you have a printer Mr.Lavery er I mean Uncle Ryan?’asks Aaron
“Yes Aaron come with me!’ says Ryan as they go to print it off!
"Good I’m glad that’s almost settled!’ says Caitlin to Tad
Me too!“Hi I’m sorry we really didn’t get to introduce ourselves I’m Tad Martin!’says Tad holding out his hand
“I’m Caitlin Aislin Lavery McGillis Ryan’s sister and Aaron’s mom!’says Caitlin
‘I’m very pleased to meet you!; says Tad flirting
“Dad!’ says Kathy embarrassed by Tad’s flirting
“Is everything good Kathy with you you like the way this has been settled “asks Tad of Kathy
“Yes I guess as long as she signs the agreement Aaron has written out!’says Kathy”and follows through it all!’
Aaron comes back with the agreement which Emma signs and then she with her parents watching goes on spacebook and writes the message Kathy specified
“Remember Emma your community service starts tomorrow! says Aaron”I’ve all ready signed you up for 9am!”
“9 am but it’s Saturday I wanted to sleep in!’ complains Emma
“You have to go Emma it’s in the agreement you signed!’ says Aaron
“I’ll drive you and drop you off !'says Ryan generously
“Fine then I’ll do my time because I am sorry!”says Emma dramaticly
Ryan takes Tad aside before he and Kathy leaves and thanks him and Kathy .He also asks Tad how to put parental controls on and Tad instructs him to get Emma to dial into her spacebook so Ryna can change the password so she doesn’t know what it is.Ryan does that immediately while Tad watches!

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