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Part 24 -Life Goes On

Part 24 -Life Goes On
Annie’s Bravo office.Emma is visiting
Annie is standing by her desk !Annie’s phone rings
“Annie Chandler here!’says Annie “who is this is this a joke because it’s not funny!then she becomes pale and sits down then says “ When when did this happen ? They did what?’Why?Why?“you’re sending documents to me I don’t want anything from him He never wanted me!Fine send them then!’I don‘t care!‘
“Mom mom whats the matter !says Emma alrmed that her mother is crying her eyes out!
“I can’t I can’t say it it will make it true!’says Annie through tears
“What what’s happened mom is it Dad!’asks Emma
“Sorry baby sorry to worry you she says hugging Emma it wasn’t your Dad it was mine!’says Annie
“That man I met years ago the man who said he would stay in touch and didn’t ? the guy who wasn’t there when you were ill?The guy who hated you and said you were lying when you said Ritchie had killed your friend when you were little.That guy? says Emma angrily”waht about him?
“He was my father!’ protests Annie crying”and he’s dead!’
“ah Mom I‘m sorry !Even if he was the world’s wrost Dad and he was he was your Dad!I’m so
sorry Mom!’says Emma hugging her mom”do you want me to call Dad?’
“No I can handle this on my own !I can handle this !says Annie trying to convince herself!Ms.Chandler sorry to interrupt this just arrived for you!says Caroll opening the door and coming in
“you want I should bring it later I’m interrupting something?’asks Caroll alarmed at seeing Annie crying
“Mom’s dad died !"explains Emma
“oh I’m sos sorry do you want me to do anything get you airline tickets so you can go to the funeral?Anything?says Caroll
“No Caroll they had the funeral without me !they cremated him under my Dad’s wishes and per his wishes told me afterwards!Why did he hate me so?’asks Annie
“Mom that’s his problem he was a jerk I don’t care if he is dead you don’t love one child more than another and take their part all the time!You won’t do that when you have this baby!Are you sure the baby is okay Mom?”asks Emma concerned
“I’m just going to lie down on my sofa here and put my feet up !'says Annie
“you still have a about what four months to go Mom?’asks Emma
“I’m fine the Baby is fine see feel she’s kicking!’says Annie
“She it‘s a girl?asks Emma
“yes we think so but you never know for sure until they are born!What do you think I should call your sister?asks Annie
“Cindy!’ says Emma “that was Scott’s mother!he couldn’t help being so sick!
“no he couldn’t and he’s getting the help he needs!I think Cindy is a good name!says Annie”and “I am never ever going to favor you over Cindy or Cindy over you! says Annie
“like I said he was a jerk! ‘Mom these papers have a lawyers name from Grandpas town!’says Emma handing over the papers
Annie opens then scans then and then finds two small envelopes.
“Dear Annie
I always wished you were mine but that was not to be !Your mom made that impossible!I hope you can forgive my treatment of you!I leave you my forune such as it is $50000!Enclosed please find your real birth ceritficate and your mother’s letter to your real Dad!I found it unmailed after she died.I also intercepted the letter she sent to tell him about you and her pregnancy!I didn’t want her to leave Ritchie and I!
Sincerely Your not so Dad Walter Novak

“He’s not my Dad?’Then who is? says Annie picking out the second envelope
“This is my mom’s writing!Weird! It’s adressed to someone but I can’t quite make it out!’ says Annie puzzled as we see
My darling Jack
This is the hardest letter I’ve ever had to write! When I met you thought I was single but I was married with a child.My son Ritchie!My husband Walter is a hard man.He didn’t beat me at least when I met but was abusive in his words and deeds.After he became the monster he is today who hits me with his fists and turns m son against me! I was lonely and you brought light and wonder into a life that was empty and devoid of feeling! I loved you deeply but when I wrote you to tell you of my pregnancy you never wrote back and I knew then that you were disgusted with me for lying to you! My daughter our daughter has grown into a lovely girl .She is sweet and has your generous giving nature.Walter knows she isn’t his and he torments her!He favors his son over her and at times he seems to egg on Ritchie’s cruel behavior against her!I’m begging you come rescue your daughter even if you care nothing for me !I beg you help Annie! He hates her!
Your Emma
P.S. please find letters at our special spot!

Annie picks up the envelope she can almost make it out

Jac s n M t g ry
410 South 7th Street,
Pine Valley,P.A

Annie looks at her birth cerificate under Father she sees

“ Mom does it say who your Dad is?’asks Emma looking over her shoulder
“yes and I can’t believe it !It seems I have family a brother,two sisters a cousin with chilidren!says Annie”but will my real Dad want me?
“IF he’s half the man I’ve heard he will Mom!”says Emma looking at the birth certificate as we see what she sees :
Jackson Montgomery
“You can’t tell a soul I have to tell him myself!’ says Annie
‘I won’t mom don’t worry when are you going to tell him?’asks Emma
“At the Chandler party!I have an invitation from Adam himself!’says Annie
“okay Mom I’ll support you no matter waht the outcome!

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