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Part 22 -New Beginnings and New Alliances-The Reckoning*1

Part 22 -New Beginnings and New Alliances-The Reckoning*1
Scott and Annie’s house
Annie takes off her sweater to reveal bruises hidden under her sweater.They are in the shape of finger marks on her shoulder .She shivers as we flashback to the night before and how she got them.we see:
Scott has been drinking and starts talking about his father.
“I really loved him you know I would never have killed him!’he begins
“Of course not! says Annie sympatheticly”and Adam never met to hurt his brother he thought he was shooting himself!
“ I was sure it was Adam!’says Scott swigging from a scotch bottle
“I can understand that I’m sorry that I let you identify him first as Adam!If only I had come forward!’Annie says extremely sorry that Scott is suffering
“no you don’t unthsnad says Scott starting to slur and grabbing her arms leaving bruises and pushing Annie
“Scott your hurting me!’says Annie
“you have to listen to me Scott continues” I have to tell you but if you tell anyone else I’ll have to make you stop!”he says shaking Annie
“Scott you’re scaring me!' says Annie
“I killed him I was the one to kill my Dad ! There I said it maybe he’ll stop haunting me for letting Adam take the blame I can’t take it anymore! I did it I shot him after Uncle Adam!I thought at first he was Adam but he told me he had come to stop me from working with Adam! He wasn’t going to support me in working with Adam sign anything or do anything but stop me.He was going to stop me!He didn’t want me working with Adam!"then pushing Annie on the floor!
Flashback to Stuart lying on the floor alive
“Uncle Adam?’asks Scott”Are you okay?’
“It’s not Adam it’s me Dad!' says Stuart
“Dad why are you dressed like that!
“I wanted to be Adam’s equal and I’d come to stop you from being corrupted by Adam and
Adam’s company!"says Stuart gasping in pain from the bullet wound from Adam‘s gun.
“I love Adam but this reaching for wealth hurts people !I don’t want you to be corrupted!I’ve seen what happened with that heart valve you saw wealth and a child was hurt!I had to stop you he says his breath labouring “and I don’t want you hurt like that again! Your my son and I love you!"Stuart says
“I love you too!'"says Scott as he stands up walks across the room and shoots Stuart with the gun Adam dropped from across he room!"I just love Adam’s money more!"
“I forgive you !'says Stuart as Scott crying comes back and cradles his father as he lies dying
Back to Scott drunkily confessing to Annie and holding tightly to her arms!
“Nonsense Adam killed him and I took him up to the attic with Emma!’says Annie
“I wish he had but I killed my father the kindest ,the finest man who ever lived for a few pieces of gold!”Scott slurs
“No that’s impossible!” Annie says with horror as she starts to believe it could be true”no it’s not in you !'she denies
“I did !'says Scott”but if you tell anyone I’ll deny it and you’ll be sorry I’ll hurt you and Emma!’he says striking her in the face and giving her a black eye to prove it!
“Who are you?’asks Annie with growing horror
“I’m the Scott that always was the other Scott was pretend a cardboard cutout modelled after his stepfather because that’s what people wanted!”says Scott sadly
“But I know you are that person!’ says Annie appealing to Scott’s good side
“Shut-up says Scott grabbing Annie and shaking her”I’m not! I’m an evil monster who killed his father !”
“Please Scott you could hurt the baby !’Annie says
Scott looks at her , looks at her growing stomach and stares at her with an almost horrible grin
“See how evil I am I threatened the mother of my child and my unborn babty this is the Scott you married not that Namby Pamby smiling freak!”Scott says and then puts on his coat and leaves the house!
Flashback to Annie once again staring at the bruises as the phone rings
“Annie it’s Ryan!Oh Annie Emma’s in trouble I need you”says Ryan
“I’ll be right there!’ says Annie putting on her coat and boots and grabiing her car keys!
Flash to Ryan‘s house where he‘s awaiting Jesse and Annie
“Daddy am I really going to jail?’asks Emma still crying and almost incoherent!
“I’m working on it but it could still happen!’ says Ryan”why don’t you go up and wash your face while Dad does what he can I’ll call you when we need you!’
“Okay but help me Daddy help me! says Emma pitifully as she runs upstairs
Annie arives and Ryan fills her in
“Emma has committed cyber crimes .She hacked two spacebook accounts stoled two phones !started hate website and spread rumors about the same two people Kathy and Aaron all over school!’
“Oh my god Ryan what are we going to do she could go to jail!’says Annie
“I know!’ says Ryan “I don’t know what to do!’
“Okay so we call Kathy’s dad Tad and we talk to him and how about Aaron’s parent...er parents?Then we talk to Kathy and Aaron maybe they’ll be forgiving and won’t lay charges?’says Annie taking charge
“I’m Aaron’s mother!’ says Caitlin(who everyone thought was Aislin)coming in the room
“Oh I thought we were alone with Emma!’ says Annie
“This is my sister Caitlin!’says Ryan
“your sister but I thought Aaron’s mother’s name was Aislin?And that you had no idea where Caitlin and Colleen were!”says Annie shocked
“Caitlin came to me tonight !We still don’t know where Colleen is!"he says sadly
“I’m sorry about Colleen! Ryan but I’m so glad you found your sister Caitlin.she says to Ryan smiling and then to Cailtin she says"You don’t know how much he grieved for you!"
“I missed the big lug too!' Caitlin says hugging Ryan
“Oh no this makes what Emma did doubly worse! Aaron’s family, her cousin!It’s all my fault I set such a bad example for her “says Annie beating herself up then continuing
“What are we going to do ?Do you think Aaron will forgive her and what about you can you forgive Emma?’Annie asks of Caitlin
“I think Emma made a huge error in judgement I also think you can’t let that go!’Caitlin says
“but Jail? My baby in jail she’s only 14!’Annie says appealing to Caitlin
“Your baby is growing up and has to take some responsibility for her actions she knew this was wrong but did it anyway!’says Caitlin
“But jail.?...Annie’s voice drops off scared stiff for her daughter
“well maybe we could talk Aaron out of jail provide she pays for her crimes!’says Caitlin but what about Kathy you also have to deal with her and her father!says Caitlin
“Ryan phone Tad and Kathy and get them over here and Caitlin can you get Aaron over here?’asks Annie
‘Okay says Ryan picking up his cellphone and then Caitlin says to Annie
“Who hit you?’
“No one!’ says Annie "I walked into a door!"
Ryan hears this as his dialing and stares at Annie in shock
“Who hit you Annie?’ he asks just as Tad answers the phone on the other end!


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