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Goodbye old friend-Goodbye Palmer

Special episodes of Happy Valley for James Mitchell our beloved Palmer
The truth is I’m not sure any show or story could do justice to the body of work that James Mitchell had on All My Children.He was the charming rascal we loved to root for loathe and like all at the same time.The quintensential anti-hero but with all the pizzazz of Cary Grant !I hope no one is offended I just wanted to say goodbye to one of the actors who made me like All my children and keep watching!This is my goodbye!As Opal would say” we are going to miss the old coot!”(So goodbye old friend Pine Valley and the world just won’t be the same!)I only hope that our show will have a wonderful tribute to him!

Goodbye old friend-part 1
Tad’s house early morning.Tad is sleeping his foot over the edge of the bed as the phone rings.
“Dad the phone !’says Kathy opening his bedroom door as Dottie hides under the covers pretending she‘s not there.Kathy doesn’t seem to see her.
“ What’s matter Kathy?and what did I say about knocking before you come in my room what if I
was in my all together?’
“You never answer the phone why do I always have to? It’s Grandma Opal she’s sounds odd!’Kathy says handing Tad the phone
“ what’s wrong
“Tad you have to come you have to come here!"implores Opal
“What is the matter Tad
“It’s’s Palmer...he....’she breaks off
“What’s the old disgruntled old pirate done now?asks Tad
“He left me !’says Opal
“He left you again?’asks Tad “I’ll have his head .I’m sorry!’
“ No ,No you don’t understand it’s the ultimate betrayal!’says Opal
“He cheated on you?’asks Tad
“Noooo I went to bring then old goat some oatmeal and coffee and...”says Opal breaking off crying huge sobs!
“Oh!’ says Tad finally understanding “He’s dead?’You found him dead?”
“Yesss he’s left meeee...”says Opal sobbing heart rendering sobs
“I’ll be right there Ma.Ma hold on!’says Tad
“Grandpa Palmer is gone?’asks Kathy crying“He died?’”Why does everyone have to die?’
“I don’t know honey they say there is a time and a season but it doesn’t make it hurt any less!’ says Tad wiping away a tear
“I thought you didn’t like him Daddy?’says Kathy
“He grew on me like peat moss!’says Tad pulling himself together”Can you look after yourself and Jenny until I get back? “
“Sure but what about Dottie?’Kathy asks
“You knew I was here?’asks Dottie embarrassed
“Yes sorry I had to ask and embarrass you!’says Kathy
“That’s okay special circumstances! Would you mind if I stayed until your Dad comes back” asks Dottie”I make a mean breakfast!”
“Sure I’d like that !’says Kathy”and so would Jenny!’
“I’m off as I get dressed and you leave my room!’says Tad pointedly
“Sorry Dad says Kathy smirking and leaving
Tad hurriedly dresses and kisses Dottie goodbye
“Sorry about this Dottie!’
“Go Tad Opal needs you!’says Dottie

Goodbye old friend-part 2
New Cortlandt Manor
Tad arrives Pete looking shocked and shaking answers the door
“You okay little brother? asks Tad”then of course your not okay!’”come seat down here while I go help!”
“I can’t believe he’s dead Tad .How can that be he’s invincible?’asks Pete starting to shake some more and unsteady on his feet
“I know Pete !'says grabbing a blanket and covering up Pete.
“I’m going to see to and the arrangements and then I’m going to make something hot to drink for you two.where’s the new housekeeper what’s her name?’asks Tad
“Susan has the day off !"says Pete woodenly
“great day for her to have the day off!’ says Tad grumbling
“Did either of you call the police? In sudden death you have to!’asks Tad
“Can you ?'asks Opal coming into the room deathly pale and her eyes red like saucers
“I’ll take care of everything don’t worry!’ says Tad
“You’re a good boy!’ says Opal
Tad picks up the phone and dials Jesse ‘Jesse Tad here called me to get over to New Cortlandt Manor”She found Palmer dead in his bed this morning!’
”Palmer Cortlandt is dead?‘asks Jesse unbeliveing as we hear it
“I know I couldn’t believe it either!’
Then only Tad’s end of the coversation
“Okay so we wait!’
“ they’ll come pick him up and take him to the morgue then later to the funeral home!Is there any particular one you want me to call?’asks Tad
“Brooks brothers they are the best in town and he deserves the best!”
“Oh okay will do just that !’
Opal then hands Tad a phone book.Tad makes all the necessary calls goes into the kitchen and makes a huge pot of tea .On a silver tray he brings tea, sugar ,cream and three tea cups.
They all sit here drinking tea stunned
Tad says do you remember how Daisy transformed you for Palmer
As we flashback to the scenes from the past and Daisy is helping Opal become a stylish woman to lure Palmer
flasback to Opal saying
“Those were wonderful times and smiling”And I remember our first wedding when I said the vows so fast lest he change his mind!
As we see this !
Do you remember when he called you at the cutting edge to ask why I wouldn’t forgive him and in that ridiculous voice.That was so funny!Him and Janet at the chicken shack!He was lucky I forgive him.Oh Why did the old grinch have to leave me!'
And we see that clip!
“They are together now that ought to make the old grinch happy!’ says Tad
”Dad always said you had a heart as big as Montana!‘says Pete
”I remember how upset he was with the chicken fingers I had for Dixie‘s dinner after her divorce from Adam!‘
“and then the old coot when you were proposing to our dear Dixe at that ball in that chicken suit him sneezing his head off too funny!’says Opal
Erica arrives and says
“oh Opal I’m so sorry I loved him too!He was one of my best friends!she says hugging and kissing Opal
“Do you remember all the times he complained about being married to me?’Opal asks
“Yes but I also remember how you were always there for him and he knew it!
As we flash to Palmer after Dixie’s funeral in hospital with heart palpitations .Palmer is telling Erica everytime he turns around Opal is having one of her premonitions and is there to pick him up and look after him!
“I miss him!’ says Erica”you know he gave Kendall the Fuison building for a $1!
“really he never wanted to let anyone know he had a heart!’
As we see him do just his give Kendall the building!
Goodbye old friend-part 3
The funeral
Opal,Pete.Tad .Kathy and Jenny greet the people coming in
First to arrive is first Nina and Cliff followed by Bobby and Kelsey .Followed by their three kids Katie 6, Rob 9,and Sharron 14 ,Mickey and his wife Trisha and their new baby who is 5 months old Clifford,Ross Chandler,who is now managing Courtland’s interests in hong Kong.Andrew Preston Courtland the European head of Courtland and Melanie “Lanie” Courtland,followed by Linc Tyler,Donna and Benny Sago!And surprisingly enough Ellen and Mark Dalton and Devon and Bonnie McFadden.Jesse and Angie come in with Natalia and,Brot and Randi and Frankie.Erica and Jack.Brooke and Brad Hewitt,Dottie and T.J. ,Maria and Aiden.and Sam and Maddie Ryan and Emma.Vanessa and David. They all hug Opal
Kendall and Zach arrive at the alst minute and take their seats!
How are you doing little brother?’ asks Nina of Pete
“I’m hanging in there! how are you ?'asks Pete
“I’m hanging in there too!’I miss him!’ says Nina”I miss not being able to pick up the phone and too talk to him!’
“I miss him yelling at me to hang up my coat and I miss our talks about business!’says Pete
“we’ll talk more later little brother!I love you!says Nina
“I love you too sis!’ says Pete
Adam arrives with Krystal
“What are you doing here Adam?’ asks Opal”he hated you!’
“Yes and that was mutual but we had an uneasy friendship these last few years and I’m going to miss the old coot!’says Adam
Flash to clips of Adam and Palmer showdowns
“I’m so sorry Opal!’ says Krystal hugging Opal
“You two are together ?Well isn’t that a hoot and half! Palmer always said Krystal was your match but that she was too good for you!says Opal
The funeral begins and Nina gets up to talk
My dad and I had a strange relationship he thought I should be a princess in an ivory tower.He always thought Cliff wasn’t good enough for me !But we reconcilled in the last few years and well he never would acknowledge that he was wrong he accepted that Cliff was family and that he had given me great happiness.We had Christmas together !
Flash to Palmer and the dogs threatening Cliff
Flash to clip of him being happy that Cliff had divorced Nina and the final papers were through!
My dad was a one of a kind a businessman and a father but most of all he cared about his family!says Nina concluding as Opal comes up to the podium pushing Daisy to the podium.
“You all know me I was one of Palmers’ ex’s!’ says Daisy”Palmer was indeed as my daughter said a one of kind .He had a heart of gold but he also had a strak of ruthlessness that made him a great businessman it’s one htose two got mixed up that he to in trouble
Clips here of trying to chase Daisy away then courting her!
“When I knew that our love was more like afriendship then anything else I knew that he needed someone like Opal so I set out to remake her just enough to get him to notice her
Show clips her of Opal getting her hair cut and her clothes toned down by Daisy! then finally winning Palmer and getting married to him!
“Go ahead pal Opal“says Daisy pushing Opal to the podium
“My husband Palmer was called Grinch by some (looks pointedly at Adam) and Pirate by others but he loved and loved deeply and was loved deeply he touched each and everyone of us in this room !
“That concludes our service there will be a private graveside service for the immediate family !’says the minister “Mrs.Cortlandt asks for you all to join her at Cortlandt manor for a celebration of Palmer’s life
As everyone leaves we see Opal touch Palmers’ picture and say ”Goodbye my sweet prince , parting is such sorrow but then I will blink and then it will be tomorrow!’says Opal choking up her voice on the brink of tears “till we meet again!and blows him a kiss! As Opal leaves we see Adam sneak back in to stare at Palmer's picture and say
""Goodbye old Friend! And if you come back and tell anyone this I'll deny it!and then sneak out again!
As Agnes Nixon comes out and says goodbye old friend will miss you!
Goodbye it’s really hard to say
We knew this would come one day
But it still seems too soon
To say goodbye and look at the moon
For James the man we also knew as Palmer Courtland or Pete Cooney
Our dream Curly of the dancing feet is it any wonder we were mooney
Over you, as you held our hearts upon the silver screen
We watched those movies hoping to gleen
Just a glimpse of your prescence and your shining soul
And as the years went by and took their toil
We will excited to see you once again
As you came upon our soapy show
And set about with your single glow
To show us a man who loved his family
Above all else we could see
As he set the dogs upon the doctor
As our spirits would soar
To watch him work misguide though he be
We’d cheer him on and wait to see
What this character would do next
And what he would do to vex
His daughter and all those in his life
Then how he got back his wife
How he lost her again
He found his daughter once again
As she left in the world to be
He was alone as we could see
Then he was an Uncle/Dad
Who threatened and tormented Tad
But he found the woman who would fill his life
Tad’s mother Opal would be his lady wife
And despite their divorce she was always there
To be there for her cuddly bear.
James showed this man that we all loved and made him real
He made us dream and see and most of all feel
That he was part of the people we loved to see
That he was a part of our family
The family of All My Children
And so now it is our sad duty to send
Our prayers to send him to his rest
But we want him to know he was the best
let him dance into heaven at God’s bequest
And choirs of angels sing him to his rest!

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