Saturday, January 30, 2010

Part 23 -Life Goes On

Part 23 -Life Goes On
Ryan’s house
“I’m going home today Emma I’ve hired a nurse to see to your father’s needs!’says Annie
“but mom you stayed her looking after him the last few days why can’t you stay?’whines Emma
“I can’t Emma if I stay your father will get the wrong idea!’
“What wrong idea mom that you ove him care about him?’asks Emma
“ Your father has to learn to take me on my terms he has to realize that I’m an independant person not an extension of him! And if I stay right now I’m going to get sucked back into the life I once spiralled out of!I’ve come to far to be there !’when he sees that he’s human that I’m independant that I can make my own way then maybe he’ll be able to see the real Annie!”says Annie
“I get that you want to be independant I get that mom but Dad needs you!’says Emma
“that’s why this is so hard but if I don’t go back to my own carreer and get my own life in order I can’t be anyone’s partner!”says Annie
A loud bell rings Annie goes to answer it
“You rang Ryan?’inquires Annie
“Could you get me some juice?’asks Ryan holding out a glass
“you know Ryan Dr.Hayward said you have to get up and walk around a little bit!Or do you want to be an invalid the rest of your life?’says Annie
“I’ve been sick !’says Ryan whining
“Yes you’ve been sick emphasis on have ! I don’t think it’s helping either of us for me to be here!’I’ve hired a nurse she’ll be here this afternoon!”says Annie
“so your just abandonning me ?’asks Ryan
“Grow-up !I put everything on hold and rushed here to look after you!And did you once thank me ?No it was just taken for granted!’Now I have to go into my office nad get some things in order at Bravo!’
“What’s Bravo?’asks Ryan clueless
“Bravo if you had listened the half a dozen times I told you is my magazine for young adults about current issues facing them and some celebrity gossip/news that interests teens!”says annie exasperated
“But I thought you just wrote a bunch of little books?’says Ryan
“ Little books?’ says Annie steam coming out of her ears”Do you realize I’m a best selling author and not on the scale of Kendall either .My books are selling at the level of J.K.Rowling!You’re a jerk! I wasn’t going to tell you this but her here’s the deed to your house !Tha’t right I know all about your money troubles but you can quit worrying about being evicted your free and clear here!I paid off your mortgage and your health insurance for six months !That's right I did tht with my money!You could have asked and I would have helped you but you didn’t.And because you didn’t your company went down the toilet and you were close to losing this house!’You better get your act together Ryan because no one likes a two-bit whiner has been!”then she grabs her stuff and leaves the house
“Dad Mom’s right you know you aren’t doing anything to get better I need you and even though Mom’s mad at you she needs you.But she needs someone who respects her and respects her opinions and intelligence not someone who belittles her efforts!Maybe mom’s right maybe you need to get your act together and get better and find something else you can work at because a businessman your not!Maybe you need to go back to see a shrink again! No shame in that!And our insurance covers one so go back to one and if you didn’t like that Dr. you saw before go see Dr.Woods she was very helpful to a lot !’then Emma quietly leaves Ryan’s room.
“People are so mean when your sick!’ says Ryan aloud but then thinking about it “ I have been difficult Annie wanted to help me !She left a tour for her books to come to me! And I called her books stories I didn’t support her at all !And she had a magazine and she said she told me and I didn’t even hear her! Maybe I did take her for granted! I have to think about how I can make this up to her!and maybe Emma’s right maybe I should go see someone!But do they realize I almost died? And that I’m scared ?Oh why did I chase Annie away? I need her!

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