Friday, January 29, 2010

Part 21 -Life Goes On

Part 21 -Life Goes On
Mike Roy’s hotel room where Janet was being held
Janet is eating potato chips and watching a telemundo
“Janet?’says Mike puzzled and not seeing Janet tied to the chair he left her in.
“I’m here Raquel is worried that Julio is cheating on her but she’s wrong he’s actally hiding his illness from her!’says Janet waving towards the television.
“How did you get free?’asks Mike
“Oh that that was easy!says Janet “Did you get the video ?’
“Yes I found the memory stick exactly where you said it was!says Mike
”And did you look at the video ?’asks Janet munching on the chips
“Yes I saw it ,you could have doctored it!’says Mike
“But you know I didn’t you have the ability to do that!’says Janet matter of fact
‘Yes !’says Mike
‘You don’t sound upset!” says Janet surprised
“ I’m shocked appalled and totally disgusted!’ says Mike
“Yes I understand I couldn’t believe either a pretty face like that and she just does that to her child!’says Janet”You can see why I had to do something if she kept that up that beautiful little girl would have died!’
“Why couldn’t you have told someone Janet ?why did you have to kill her?’
“I wasn’t suppose to be out if anyone knew I had escaped they would have added years to my sentence as it is they still might for me escaping the van even though it was your fault!’says Jant pointedly
“ Janet no matter waht she did that doesn’t justify you killing her!’says Mike
“Huh like you’ve never killed a bad guy superspy!’says Janet
“I’m a journalist not a spy!’says Mike exaperated
“Shhh I’ll keep your secret!"says Janet(wink ,wink)
“I do regret my actions if only I could have stopped her without killing those innocents!’says Janet
“And what is to stop you from doing this again if someone does something you don’t like?’asks Mike
“Mike my life was ruined by one moment when I thought I’d killed the love of my life! I thought I had nothing to live for!Sure I had Mandy my beautiful Amanda but how could she love amother who killed her father? I misjudged her though that girl has her father’s heart!She’s got an abundance of forgiveness and goodness!So when I saw this woman who was stealing my
Mandy’s life sure I hated her!But I didn’t judge her because she had a child a little girl but when I saw what she was doing to that poor little girl it was like Ruth was Amanda I had to protect her from her mother!’explains Janet
‘I think I understand Janet!’says Mike quietly
“I’m sorry I hurt you I’m sorry she hurt you!I can tell you loved her!’says Janet in response”I was married once before to Axel Green.I loved him but he was a nasty man two faced man with a nasty temper!I gained weight I was so unhappy and I began to feel ugly everything unravelled from the abuse!I didn’t think he was like that when I met him or married him!I think Carolyn fooled everyone like Axel fooled me!”
“Thank -you I think Janet!’”can we keep this just between the two of us?’asks Mike
“I’ve thought about that I really have Mike but what if something she did to Ruth needs addressing we have to tell Jake somehow ! But I don’t want anyone to find out I killed her and those girls!’says Janet”I have my life back and I won’t lose it!’
“I’ve all ready gotten rid of the vehicle!they won’t find it it’s been crushed and the metal has been recycled!’We could probably send a copy of your video to Jake!’
‘Yes I guess we could do that!’says Janet
“Now is this everything Janet is there anything else you’re holding back about Carolyn?”asks Mike
“Maybe I want to keep my secrets!” says Janet mysteriously
“What are you hlding back Janet?’asks Mike menacing
“Geesh you don’t have to get all scary i was protecting people you know!’says Janet
“Jake and Amanda but mostly Jake!’says Janet
“What are you talking about Janet?’ Mike says getting frustrated
“Well see there’s this woman in the psych unit near me not in the criminal side the other one!”says Janet
“And this woman has what to do with your secret?’asks Mike prompting
“Hold your britches and let me tell the story!’This woman she really wanted a child seems years ago she was in love with this guy and she had one of those tubal pregnancies.Drove her crazy she lost her guy!He fell for some nurse.I really think he used to have a nurse fixation!(Mike arches his eyebrow here is if to say hurry up)Anyways she gets better leads a pretty good life .She becomes a nurse and moves to Pine Valley probably to be close to him but by this time he left for the Sudan!’
“Jake this woman was involved with Jake?’
“Yes she was his childhood sweetheart!

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