Sunday, January 3, 2010

Part 19 -New Beginnings and New Alliances

Part 19 -New Beginnings and New Alliances
Amanda is on getting anxious to go home waiting for the clothes Melissa is bringing her when a delivery person comes in just before she leaves ."Deliveries for Ms.Dillon”says the delivery person as they have her sign.First their are roses.then a big box!
‘Wow more presents! says Amanda “I love presents!She sets aside the roses and starts to open the box and in which she finds another box .The first box hold a pretty dress it’s in a size that will fit her perfectly!It’s a lovely blue dress with a full skirt with crinoline underneath to pull out the flip at the bottom.She tries it on and feels beautiful.She notices the box says Krystal’s dress shop! Then she opens another box in which she finds another small jewelery box with a tiny gold heart necklace .beside it wrapped in paper is a romance novel with a hunky male on the front and an a dark-haired woman with a blue dress on. an a bookmark engraved with an A on one end and a shamrock in green on the other end !Amanda smiles at this and packs it in her suitcase! then she realizes there is yet another box .she opens the small box and finds a portable coffee mug with a coupon for 10 free cappuchinos and Dottie’s!Then she reads a note that says:
A dress of blue for beauty bright! A heart of gold my heart is yours to give or take!A book to read and dream of what may be and a coffee mug to remind you of where we met.
Always yours ,for now your secret admirer
Amanda smiles at this and tries to think who could have sent her this! she thinks and we see a flashback to her coming into Dottie’s coffee shop.Amanda goes to take her wallet out of her purse but it’s missing because Trevor who she is pushing in his stroller had taken it out and it’s under him!Amnda is embarrassed and unable to find her wallet! She is about to tell them she hasn’t her wallet when she realizes the gentleman behind her has all ready paid for it!
“Oh thank-you that was so nice of you!’ she says
“There is only one table would you mind sharing?’ asks T.J.
“Certainly I wouldn’t mind since the gentleman bought my coffee !'says Amanda
“Amanda Dillon!’ she saysintroducing herself and Trevor and” this is my son Trevor”
“nice to meet you Amanda and Trevor!’says Trevor gums a smile at T.J.
“I’m T.J.!
“Nice to meet you T.J.!”says Amanda
“I guess your attached !'says T.J.disappointed and noticing her wedding ring
“ No actually I’m free as bird if you don’t count my two kids this one!’ she says as she pats her stomach “and Trevor!”Does that scare you off!’
“not at all pretty lady! says T.J. and he gives her his cellphone number unfortunately Amnda set it down and Trevor later gummed it making the number impossible to read
flashback to the present
“it’s him it’s T.J. it has to be !’He didn’t forget me he just didn’t know where I was and then he when he heard about my fall he sent gifts! Wow he’s so thoughtful !’says Amanda to herself
“Talking to yourself sis ?'asks Melissa Then seeing the dress on Amnda she goes "Wow that dress is gorgeous where did you get it?’
“I got it from my now not so secret admirer whom I’m pretty sure is T.J.!
“Who’s T.J. a guy I met in Dottie’s about a month ago!’He’s really cute!"says Amanda
“Cute huh good for you!’says Melissa”lt’s take you and all your gifts home to Trevor!’
“Oh I can hardly wait to see my boy says Amanda” I’ve missed him so much!’
“You can see him but remember you have to take it easy no heavy lifting and that means Trevor for six weeks!”
We’ll you put him on my lap at least? asks Amanda
Deal , okay!’ says Melissa

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