Sunday, January 31, 2010

Part 25 -Life Goes On

Part 25 -Life Goes On
Tim’s house
“They found her then ?’asks Melissa as Nate pulls at her shirt.
‘what Nate I’m on the phone!’
“Natalie said I was a doodoo head and she hit me!”
“Natalie Dillon did you say that to your brother and did you hit
him ?’asks Melissa covering the phone with her hand
“Yes but he deserved he was trying to give Trevor a noogy!’says Natalie
“Do you mean a noogie?’asks Melissa
“That’s what I said a newgee!’says Natalie pretending that’s what she said
“Nathan time out chair and Natalie time out chair!’says Melissa
“why?I was good!” says Natalie
“Next time your brother does something wrong come and tell and don’t hit your brother!’
”Sorry !Mommy sorry Nate!‘says Natalie
“I know what I did wrong no noogies right?”
“that’s right Nathan now is Trevor okay ?’asks Melissa
“Yes he stopped crying a few minutes ago!’says Nate
“Aren‘t you ashamed that you made a baby cry and he’s your cousin too!”asks Melissa“Okay both of you five minutes in the time out chairs to think about what you did wrong!’ she says as she sets an egg timer for five minutes
“Sorry Tim minor crisis here !All settled !Now what were you saying about Janet?’
“Janet has been found she as kidnapped! someone mistook her for someone else.she’s been beaten and drugged but they say she’ll be all right!’says Tim
“I thought you didn’t care Tim !’says Melissa
“ Well Amanda and Dad care and they are very relieved!I thought Dad was going to have a heart attack when he saw her all battered and bruised and drugged!I think he thought she was dead!”
“But she’s going to be okay !They are sure?”asks Melissa
“Yes she’s going tobe okay !She’s has a broken arm though!”says Tim
“A broken arm what kind of people do these things kidnap people by mistake and then beat them up?’”asks Melissa
‘I don’t have a clue honey !It’s very strange though I don’t know why anyone would do this!’
“Well at least she wasn’t escaping she does want to be with Trevor!’says Melissa”so what exactly happened to her?‘
”There was another trial at the courthouse for that Treena McCall!Do you know the woman I‘m talking about?
”yes I think so is she the one was on trial as the serial killers helpmate?‘asks Melissa
”yes Treena McCall is believed to have helped her son kill up to 5 women!‘says Tim
“And they mistook Janet for her?do they look alike?asks Melissa
“no but then the have never really had apicture of her in the paper so I guess the people who took Janet just thought right age ,right courthouse, prison van ,must be Treena McCall!
“but they must have realized did Janet get a look at them ?
“no they clorformed her and when she did wake up she was blindfolded and tied to a chair she says!’says Tim
“Oh how awful poor Janet!’says Melissa
“They would beleive her at first then she managed to finally convince them and they brought her back but not before Janet either tried to get untied and broke her arm or they broke it for her.She has horrible bruises they really worked her over!’but I still don’t get what Dad sees in that woman!’says Tim covering up for the fact he felt bad for Janet
“You don’t have to as long as she doesn’t harm him!’says Melissa
“She’d better not!’ says Tim
“Hey we got an invitaton yesterday to a ball in honor of a wedding in the Chandler family tonight I wonder which one of them get married?’says Melissa picking up the invitation”we are going aren’t we?’
“If you want to sweetie can you get a babysitter?’asks Tim
“Shelley said she babysit the other day but I think with the five of them here we’ll need two maybe I’ll asks Emma Lavery?’
“Good idea she’s a good kid she could probably use the money!”says Tim
“I’ll call Emma now!”says Melissa
“Okay when Dad’s done here will come home unless they let him stay with her for awhile!’says Tim
“Okay see you later hon love you!says Melissa
“Love you too !'says Tim “See you later!”says Tim hanging up
Melisssa picks up the phone just as the egg timer bings!
“Okay you two go play!but play nice and Nate don’t hurt your cousin!’
“Kay mommy!’ says Nate
“Okay mommy I won’t hit him again if he’s bad I’ll run and tell you!’saays Natalie going off to play as Melissa shakes her head
“Can I speak to Emma please?’asks Melissa
“Emma Lavery here!’ says Emma answer the phone
“Hi Emma this is Melissa Dillon !How’s your Dad doing?’asks Melissa
“He’s doing much better thanks for asking my mom hired anurse to push him a bit and so far it’s working! He seems a lot better! “
“That’s really good do you think that you’d be able to go out and babysit at my house”asks Melissa hopefully
“oh I’m sorry I was invited to the Chandler ball!My boyfriend invited me he’s Adam Chndler the third you know Trey!says Emma
“Would you know if any of your firiends could babysit I’m really in a bind here!’says Melissa
“Well Kathy Martin might if she’s not busy you could ask her!’says Emma
“Oh thanks Emma I’ll do that!’Bye!"says Melissa hanging up on Emma and dialing Kathy
“Can I speak to Kathy Martin please ?'asks Melissa
“Kathy Martin here!’ says Kathy
“Oh hi this is Dr.Melissa Dillon you know Amanda’s sister-in law!’
“uh huh !’says Kathy
“I have a huge favor to ask you! You see Tim and I were invited to the Chandler ball this evening and we can’t go not unless we get another babysitter! You see we have four kids two sets of twins two four year olds and two two month old babies!’ We also have Amanda’s Trevor visiting!so you can see we have our hands full!’
“oh I’m suppose to babysit Ruth tonight!’says Kathy
“do you think your Uncle Jake would allow you to bring Ruth over here?’asks Melissa
“I suppose I could ask just a minute!’
“uncle Jake Melissa really needs another babysitter do you think I could take Ruth and Jenny over there tonight?Trevor‘s there too!‘’asks Kathy of Jake
“I guess Ruth would have fun with her brother!says Jake And I don‘t think your dad will mind!“Okay then I’l drive you over there with Ruth and Jenny about 6pm if that’s okay
“Thanks Uncle Jake I ‘ll let Melissa know!
“Melissa Uncle Jake says okay so he’ll drive me over at 6pm if that ‘s okay?’asks Kathy
“That’s great thanks Kathy you’re a life saver!”says Melissa “Bye now!
“yes that’s okay it’s only my 18th birthday that everyone seems to have forgotten I’ve nothing better to do!says Kathy sighing aloud as she hangs up the phone

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