Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Part 16 -Life Goes On

Part 16 -Life Goes On
Tad’s house
Emma is calling on her cellphone
“What city please?asks the operator
“Minneapolis St. Paul!’please says Emma
”Millenuim Hotel Minneapolis what room please?
“Hello!’says Annie
’Mom it’s me Emma!’
“Oh Emma honey it’s so good to hear from you?’”It’s been way to long !I can hardly wait until a month from now to see you and Daddy!’says Annie excited
‘Mommy ....’Emma falters her
“What’s wrong Emma?’says Annie finally clueing in that something is wrong
“Daddy had a heart attack!’says Emma”I came down to breakfast and he was holding his chest and then I had to call an ambulance!”
“He had what? I think I heard you wrong Emma did you say your Dad had a heart attack?’
“Daddy’s at Happy Valley hospital!’says Emma
‘But he’only 40!” then realizing she’s probably scaring Emma”I’m sure they were able to help him though.they have Dr.Hayward on staff and he’s one of the finest heart specialist in the world the top of his field!”states Annie trying not to how her fear
“Yes he did this thing for Daddy where you stick awire up and clean out the gook in his heart!’says Emma
“So he’getting better?’asks Annie
“I think he will but Dr.Hayward says he’ll have to keep to a diet and probably take pills forever!’says Emma
“So where are you staying?’asks Annie
“With Mr.Martin you know Kathy’s dad!’says Emma
“I’m flying home !says Annie still worried “I want to see your dad for myself and make sure
you’re okay!You must have been terrified I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you sweetie!’says annie feeling guilty
“Mom you had a book tour, how were you to know Daddy would have a heart attack!”
“I’m so sorry don’t you worry though honey I’ll get them to postpone the tour and catch the next flight!’says Annie
“Are you sure mommy we don’t want to ruin your book tour!’
“You always come first precious!I’ll call you when I get in!Bye now!’says Annie hanging up
“There! Mom’s coming home" says Emma
“What do you think will happen Emma I keep telling you you’ve got to quit getting your hopes up that your parents will get back together!says Kathy
“Daddy needs her he’s sick and he loves her I know he does!’says Emma
“I hope it all works out for you Emma and that you don’t get your heart broken!’says Kathy
“I won’t you’ll see!’ says Emma
Flashback to Annie at the Millennieum Hotel in Minneapolis!
“Look April I have to fly home I’m sorry but you’re going to have to postpone the book tour for a least three to six weeks!”says Annie arguing
“Do you have any idea of how much work that would take?Or how much postponing would cost?’asks April
“Look my daughter needs me her father had a heart attack I’m going home!’says Annie
“it’s not like you’re married to the guy any more I mean we could explain it if you wer but really he meansnothing to you!’says April
“Really and you’re aware of this how!I’ve been dating my ex hsband again and in fact hough we haven’t announced it we paln on getting married again!says Annie getting angry and then fibbing a little
“Well I guess that is different then since you're engaged I guess I could justify that!'says April"
‘ Thanks April I do appreciate this now I’m off to the airport call me and set up a time to restart the tour!’says Annie
“if I didn’t like her so much I just wouldn’t be doing this!’Hello ET yes I have an animous tip for you award winning author “A.Chandler rushes to side of ex husband they are to re-marry!uh huh the love of her life Ryan Lavery, after Lavery has serious turn in hospital!” What yes he had a heart attack !Uh huh hospital Happy Valley Hospital in Happy Valley California!Yes her book tour has been postponed as hse goes to his side!There that ought to handle the cancellation of the book tour although I still have to notify individual sites!says April completing her calls

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