Monday, January 4, 2010

Part 20 - New Beginnings and New Alliances

Part 20 - New Beginnings and New Alliances
Aaron and Kathy are at Tad‘s house
“Daddy Aaron and I have to talk to you !We need help with a big problem!’says Kathy
Tad gulps imagining the worst like Kathy being pregnant but says
“Whatever it is you can tell me and I’ll help anyway and everyway I can!”
“I knew we could count on you Daddy!’says Kathy hugging Tad and then telling him about what Emma has been doing to both of them.
"And she hacked my spacebook account and she stole my phone and she did the same to Aaron!‘Kathy complains”and then she spread rumors and started a website where she told more lies against us!‘
“Oh dear says Tad does she have any idea that what she did is a crime?‘I realize that Ryan has had his troubles parenting her it’s not easy raising a teen ,but this is too far when she torments a friend and commits a cyber crime!’How do you want me to handle this Kathy and Aaron since it’s a crime perpertrated against you ?Do you want me to go to the school the authorities both with you two by my side?’Or would you rather handle this yourself?’asks Tad
“We need your expertise Dad !We don’t want her to go to jail and have a record !'says Kathy
“though she deserves just that”says Aaron
“we agreed!’ says Kathy turning to Aaron and pleading” that we’d make sure she was punished without going to jail!”
“ Yes I have another reason for doing that but I’m not prepared to share that at this time!But
don’t worry it’s not that I care about her that way!’says Aaron to Tad
“ok...ay says Tad not understnding that conversation but not wanting to get into it!”So what kind of crimes exactly has she done and do you have proof?’asks Tad
“we know she hacked our spacebooks but we need cyber proof that’s why we need you Dad!We need you to bring in Aiden
!'says Kathy
“If you’re bringing in Aiden there’s something you should no sir!’ Aaron says to Tad
“And what would that be Aaron ?asks Tad prepared to defend Aiden
“What I have to say can’t go out of this room no telling anyone is that understood?’asks Aaron
”Yes agreed!’ says Kathy puzzled but willing
“If it effects my friend Aiden I have to have the right to tell him!’says Tad
“Okay but make sure he understands we are not trying to harm Emma only help her so she
doesn’t end up in jail in a few years or now if the authorities find out!”
“Okay spill !'says Tad
“Aiden is Ryan’s half-brother and Emma’s uncle there father is Alex Sr.”explains Aaron
“Preposturous!’ says Tad laughing
“No it’s true that’s why Alex kidnapped Emma she’s his grandaughter.Aiden’s mother met Alex and slept with him later she had Aiden!
“It can’t be true!’ says Tad
“there’s more but it’s not my story to tell and the person wants to tell Ryan herself in fact she may be there now!’
flash to Aislin in front of Ryan’s home
Aislin is tying to get up the courage to go to Ryan for help! she’s very worried Alex even from his deep dark hole was going to reveal her secret.How can she tell Ryan what she did let alone tell her how Alex had tried to make her work against him and Aiden! She’a pacing outside
Ryan’s house!
Emma sees Aislin from the back and says
“Dad there’s a lady pacing outside our house!You don’t think she’s from Alex do you?she asks worriedly
‘What where ?'asks Ryan
“Pay attention! She’s right out front she probably is casing the place !"says Emma paranoid
“Emma I’ve seen that woman around I think but only from the back!says Ryan
“Oh it’s Aaron’s mom! I wonder what she wants?’asks Emma slightly worried her crimes have been found out
“I’m going to see what she wants says Ryan just as Asilin rings the doorbell!
“Hello Ryan!’Aislin says tentatively as Ryan answers the door stunned at whom he sees
“I can't believe my eyes!It is really you Caitlin?"Ryan says with joy
“Yes it’s been along time Ryan!’she says
“I’ve missed you so much!’ he says hugging her and then noticing she’s still in the doorway says “Come in come in and meet my daughter!’Emma come here I’ve got someone I want you to meet!Wait a minute yo’ve alla ready met Emma and I’ve met your son Aaron a fine kid!But Emma doesn’t know who you are!”
“What are you talking about Daddy I’ve already met Dr.McGillis!
“You’re Dr.McGillis?’ says Ryan surprised
“Yes!’ says Aislin
“Emma I want you to meet Dr.MacGillis again because she’s very special person! She’s my sister,and your Aunt the one of the ones I told you I couldn’t find !This is my younger sister Caitlin!”

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