Monday, January 25, 2010

Part 14-Life Goes On

Part 14 -Life Goes On
Ryan’s house
The day before talking to Emma
“Emma I know I promised your mom we’d meet here in Sacramento but I’m really swamped at work!I don’t know if I can get the time off then!’says Ryan
“but you promised!’says Emma
“It’s a silly romance book tour it doesn’t matter that much!’says Ryan
“It’s not silly romance books that’s what Kendall writes !Mom is becoming a well known children’ author !do you realize she’s on the best seller list that she sold almost as many books as J.K.Rowling did in her first year of the Harry Potter books?’asks Emma"and she started up her own magazine Bravo!'It's for teens!'
“that’s nice! says Ryan distractedly looking at his computer screen!
“did you even hear me Dad ?asks Emma
“your mom sold a bunch of book that’s good good for her!’Ryan says still not clueing in
“Dad are we going to Sacramento or not?’asks Emma
“we’ll see !'says Ryan
“we’d better go you promised said Emma” and it’s next month!”
“okay Emma now off to school says Ryan distracted working on his computer
Flash to the next day
Ryan is on the phone talking to the bank
“I know I know the balloon payment is due! Yes I know I took out a third mortgage on this house.Yes I know the payments due I think I’ll have it at the end of the week!’says Ryan his hands running through his hair looking worried.”okay yes I’ll be there!’
“What am I go to do? I’m such a failure how am I going to tell Emma I’ve lost this house and the company!’says Ryan out loud
“Daddy can I have twenty dollars were going on a field trip today and I have to buy my lunch!’yells Emma from upstairs and then when he doesn’t answer she comes into the kitchen
“Daddy did you hear me I need twenty dollars!’then seeing her father “she says “are you all right Daddy? You don’t look so good are you having a heart attack!’
“Actually I think I am!’ says Ryan holding his chest and sitting down ashenly
“Sit tight Daddy I know CPR I took a course laast year but I’m calling 911 right now !’says Emma
“Thank God my health insurance is paid up! Ryan then winces as he feels pressure in his chest
“911 what is your emergency how can I direct you?Fire, Ambulance ,Police ?”
“We need an ambulance my father is having an heart have to come help him now ...please!’Come to 1080 Happy Valley Road !
“is the patient breathing
“Yes!says Emma”checking his pulse as well
Now what is your name?"
”My name is Emma Lavery!
"Okay now Emma if possible, raise the legs up 12 to 18 inches to allow more blood to flow towards the heart and keep the patient in this position! “
“okay lie down Daddy we have to raise your legs 12 to 18 inches to get more blood to your heart!”
“Okay that’s done! says Emma He still has pulse but it’s really racing then it gets real slow then it races again!’says Emma checking his pulse again
"You’re doing fine Emma do you hear the sirens?’asks the operator
“Yes!’says Emma
“Go unlock your front door and clear a path to the room he is in without hanging up the phone!'
“Okay!’says Emma following the instructions.As she ushers the paramedics in!The paramedics put Ryan on a stretcher and place an oxygen mask over his face!He pulls it off and says
“Call Tad he’ll help you!
“Okay Dad don’t worry just let them take care of you I’ll get Mr.Martin to bring me to the hospital she says as as she watches them take Ryan away to the ambulance.
“Hello can I speak to Tad Martin?’asks Emma trying to hold back tears
“Emma is that you this is Tad!says Tad
“Mr.Marrrrttin!’says Emma crying an incoherent
“Waht is the matter Emma what’s wrong!’asks Tad
“it’s my Daddy!’says Emma cring some more
“What’s wrong with Ryan?’asks Tad
“He’s had a heart attack they think! They took him to the hospital!’says Emma
"I have to get to him!"
“Don’t worry Sweetie I’ll be right there you just hang on until I get there!says Tad hanging up
“Dad did I overhear Emma say that her dad had a heart attack?’asks Kathy
“yes I’ve got to go there now!’says Tad putting on his coat
“I’m coming she’s my best friend !'says Kathy booking no argument

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