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Part 2- Life Goes On

Part 2-Life Goes On

Jr and Marissa’s 1400 Hunter Road
David is at the door with Rose! They ring the doorbell but no one answers.David jiggles the door it opens and he walks in with Rose. Rose changes the babies then carries them down into the living room where she places them in the playpen with a standing Seasme street mobile tes the that she turns on for them while she sets the monitor and goes into the kitchen to get bottles for them.She finds no bottles for them reaching up into the cupboard she finds formula which she reads the directions on.She wash up the bottles then fills them with hot water then she makes formula pouring it into the bottles then cooling it in a pot of cool water .She then tests on her wrst finding it too hot she puts it back in the water to cool.Moments later she tests t pouring some in a cup and tasting it.
“Yuck! Gross! .....but it’s cool enough at least!’ Rose says as she goes to feed the two hungry babies.
Meanwhile David is still looking for Marissa .He finds her in a closet in her bedroom.
“Marissa honey it’s Dad come out of the closet!’ says David
“No don’t want to !"says Marissa whining “I can’t take the noise anymore all they do is cry!I’m a terrible mother!’”I just want to be away from them!’she crys
“It’s okay Marissa a lot of woman feel this way honey yor not a bad mother!”soothes David
“but sometimes I hate them!’Marissa cries
“Honey you have a flutuatution of hormones during pregnancy then it all drops after you have the baby and you had two! You need some help honey let me help you please?’ begs David
“I’m so tired David!’says Marissa
“I know you are honey but you also need to talk to someone about these problems you’re having!We’ll you see someone for me Jr.and your little girls?’asks David
“do I have to go today?asks Marissa
“No but I’d like if you’d at least call her .Her name is Dr.McGillis and she’s really good I promise she won’t judge you honey!”
“Okay I guess maybe I could !I really hate feeling this way!’says Marissa
“I know and some of this is because you’re not eating and sleeping.Will you allow me to make that possible for you?Can I get a cook to come make yours, Jr’s,Trey,and the babies meals and would you let me hire someone to help you with the babies so you can sleep?’
“I don’t think J.R. would like that!’says Marissa
“This isn’t about J.r this is what you need allow me to do this for you please?I wasn’t able to anything for you growing up !Please ?”David begs”If not for me then for Bella and Bess?’
“ I don’t know waht J.r will say about this’says Marissa
“What J.r will say about what? says J.r coming in”what are you up to now David?’
“J.R. can I speak to you out in the hall?’ asks David
“whatever you want to say to me can be said in front of my wife says J.r.angrily
“J.r I’m not trying to make trouble Iknow you’ve found me difficult in the past but I really just want what’ best for my daughter and grandchildren.”says David trying hard to be a better father
“I think you should leave Hayward and quit harrassing Marissa!
“I’m not harassing Marissa!’says David”Rose came over here today and found your infant daughters crying wet and hungry.Marissa was staring at a television with no picture or sound.Rose put her to bed fed and changed the babies but Marissa seemed out og it she said so she told me she thought Marissa had something wrong with her.I cam over with Rose and found screaming unfed babies dirty diapers and Marissa hiding in the closet!
“She told me she fell asleep in the closet when I found her there!’says J.r. shocked”i don’t understand why is she acting this way?
“A lot of woman suffer this way after giving birth but Marissa has had two babies making it double the hormone flucutes!Marissa needs some help her.I think she‘s suffering from postpartum depression.She needs to see a therapistsomeone who can help her deal with her feelings and fears but she also needs sleep and food .Now Iknow your busy J.r your trying to run a company so please allow me to help my daughter and grandchildren by supplying her with a cook who will be here for meals and a livein nurse/nanny that can look after Marissa the babies and Trey!
“I could get a cook and nanny!!states J.r.
“I know you could but I’m really asking you for a favor here!Let me help you and Marissa and let me do this.If it’s okay with you a Nanny will arrive six and the cook tomorrow.
“It’s that serious? asks J.r.”surely she’ll jsut snap out of it?’
“J.r. it’s not something one snaps out of ! And it’s very serious, unchecked it can get worse some women suffer from severe psychosis where they harm themelves or their baby/babies!”
“Marissa would do that would she?’asks J.r.stunned
“she wouldn’t want to but it makes people act in a way they normally wouldn’t!We cn help her JR.says David stillpleading
“Okay then if it will help her but I owe no obligation to you!’says J.r gruffly
“Done!’ says David shaking J.r.’s hand “in the mean time “David says taking out his prescription pad and some pills in a bottle”Marissa should take this tonight and tomorrow morning and make an appointment with Dr.McGillis as soon as possible!”
“okay says Jr. and then before he thinks about it he says “thank-you!’then
before he thinks about it he says “thank-you!’."Oh I forgot tomorrow’s the trial for Scott!How can I go?I shouldn’t feel bad for him but there something so different about the cousin I grew up with!He loved Stuart I jsut don’t understand! I asked Jack to represent him !'"He won’t get off but maybe he can do something for him!Oh why am I confiding in you you don’t care!'says J.R.then looks peturbed that he told David anything.“Let’s just get Marissa to bed!' David helps J.r. put Marissa in bed and then goes to leave.Rose hands J.r the baby monitor and says
“They’ve both been fed and chnged but they may need feeding in about 3 hours.I put them in their crib!’
“Thanks Rose your a great sister says J.r.”I can’t believe how mature you are at just 10!
“Your welcome!’ says Rose secretly pleased at the compliment as she goes out the door with David
‘Daddy I’m really proud of you for not losing your temper with J.r. and for going out of your way to be so civil!’says Rose
“I am trying to be a better person and father!” says David”I want to be the kind of father you deserve .”
“You are Daddy you make me really happy!’says Rose

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