Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Part 17 -Life Goes On

Part 17 -Life Goes On
Annie at the hospital she’s waiting for Emma.Annie decides to get a paper.Opening it she sees

Convicted murder Janet Green on the loose
Convicted killer Janet Green disappeared on the way to Happy valley Hospital for the criminally insane.The van carrying Ms.Green was in an accident and well assessing damaging Ms.Green went missing!Police advise people not to approach her as she is assumed armed and dangerous just notify the Happy Valley police force!
“Good gracious that’s scary it’s agood thing I’m back!Maybe I’ll just turn to the lighter side of the news !’Annie thinks as she turns to the entertainment section
Famous author in mad dash to get to the bedside of beloved ex on death bed
Noted Author A.Chandler author of the Princess Emmaline series and editor and chief of Bravo magazine rushed to the bedside of her ex husband Ryan Lavery,and father of her daughter.A little birdie tells this reporter that a reunion is in the works and that the pair had planned to renew their vows! Sources (who wouldn’t identify themselves)at the hospital would only say Mr.Lavery is resting comfotably!We will continue to follow this news breaking story.

“Oh no Ryan is going to kill me !He’s never going to believe this wasn’t intentional and he just had a heart attack!’”what am I going to do?’Annie wonders aloud
“I saw that congratulations Annie!’ says David seeing the paper in her hands
“you don’t understnd the paper got it wrong this will amke him so mad!’says Annie
“That won’t do!’ says David taking pity on Annie and thinking how badly Ryan treated Annie
“My patient must not be upset a note will be psoted on his door no papers no current events no vistors but family!’that should work!’David says smirking
“Oh thank you David!I mean Dr.Hayward!’ says Annie walking away
“That woman is too good for Ryan Lavery has he any idea what a treasure she is?’says David to himself as Annie walks away
“Oh Emma I’m so glad to see you!’How are you sweetie?” says Annie spotting Emma and throwing her arms around her
“I love you mom I’m so glad to see you too!’says Emma hugging her back
‘I saw the paper this morning mommy is it true are you and Daddy getting married ?'asks Emma excited
“Oh Emma I’m sorry some repeorter made that up please don’t say anyhting to your father it would only upset him!’says Annie
“Don’t worry mom I won’t say anything!’says Emma turning to wink at Kathy as if to say it will come true
“Hi Kathy I want to thank your father for taking such good care of my little girl!’says Annie
“That’s okay!'says Tad creeping up and hearing this”We were glad to do it will just leave Emma with you now but we’d love it if you and Emma could come to dinner!’
“That’s so kind of you Tad thank-you!’ says Annie as they leave and go to Ryan’s room.
‘How are you Ryan?’asks Annie
“What are you doing here your suppose to be on your little book tour!’says Ryan
“You needed me and Emma needed me !’Where else would I be?’
“I feel bad that your missing your fun trip!’says Ryan
“the fans are wonderful but it’s boring without Emma or you there!’ says Annie
“Are you feeling better Daddy?"asks Emma
“Yes I am!’ says Ryan trying to appear all better “waht about school don’t you have some today?’
“I’m on my way in a couple of minutes I won’t be late!’says Emma putting on her coat.
“I’m so glad you’re going to be okayI was really worried !'admits Annie
“You can’t keep a good man down!’says Ryan
“Good man where?'says Annie winking
“I should be out soon!’says Ryan
“That’s not what David said when I talked to him!’ says Annie wrinkling her brow
“I’ll be out soon!’ Ryan insists
“Not if you keep refusing to eat properly and take your medications!’says Annie admonishing Ryan
“ You’re not my mother!says Ryan
“No because if I was I’d be forcing your medicine down your throat and make you eat !’says Annie
“I hate hospitals!’ whines Ryan like a child
“I know but you have stay here to get better!’says Annie talking to him like a little boy as the nurse comes in and injects something in his iv.
“What did you give him?’asks Annie as Ryan goes into a fitful sleep
“A sedative Dr.Hayward prescribed Mr.Lavery is still having heart palpaitations and Dr.Hayward beleives part of this is stress related !’says the nurse
‘Will he be okay ?’asks Annie getitng terrified
‘If we figure out what is causing him so much stress and are able to contain the stress!’says the nurse
I’m going to find out what is causing this stess don’t you worry Ryan.I’m going to protect you even if it’s from yourself!’

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